Zack Goldsmith loses his job in the environmental field amid fears of reducing animal welfare | Zach Goldsmith

conservative analog Zach Goldsmith He was sacked as environment minister, prompting fears by some Conservative MPs and activists that Liz Truss’ government would downgrade animal welfare.

The environmentalist and politician, a close friend of Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie, has been stripped of the pet care brief and will no longer attend Cabinet.

However, he is expected to retain his role at the State Department, where he holds the position of Secretary of State for the Pacific and International Environment. Downing Street originally said it held off the cabinet reshuffle during the period of national mourning.

In a farewell letter to staff in the environment department, seen by The Guardian, Goldsmith said he was “very sad” to be leaving after a “hiccup” of three years, before listing his accomplishments, including forests, plastic pollution and the oceans.

He issued what appeared to be a warning to Truss. “We have a lot to do to turn the tide here,” he said. “The United Kingdom is, after all, one of the world’s most draining countries for nature. But if it oozes [the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] You continue to get the support you need and deserve across the government, you can and will turn the tide.”

Conservative MP Henry Smith said: “Zach has been a fantastic champion of animal welfare issues in government and, despite all the other distractions, has been instrumental in introducing quite a few pieces of legislation leading to the implementation of the Basic Act… It expects the government to fulfill all of its commitments and commitments in its official statement on animal welfare, regardless of which individuals occupy roles in various departments.”

Animal welfare activists worry that under the new environment minister, Ranil Jayawardena, the former trade minister, farmers could be undermined for animal welfare reasons in business deals.

Some Conservative MPs noted that Goldsmith had not dealt with the new environment minister, Mark Spencer, a farmer. They believe Truss may be planning to drop the bill for the confined animals, although Jayawardena told the House of Commons last week that his approval would appeal as soon as possible. One MP said, “Liz might give it up. She wasn’t interested in animal welfare when she was a minister in spur.”

There are also concerns that Banning trophy hunting Defended by Goldsmiths, but facing opposition from some members of the Conservative Party, it could be dropped, meaning it would allow the continued import of parts of endangered animals that have been photographed abroad.

The ban was in compliance with the Conservative Party statement for the last parliamentary session, when former environment minister George Eustice said the government was “fully committed” to bringing the bill forward but the government said it was running out of time.

Lauren Platt, co-founder of the influential Conservative Animal Care Foundation, which is sponsored by Carrie Johnson, said she was disappointed by Goldsmith’s dismissal, because he was an advocate for animal welfare.

“Our government has always ensured that animal welfare standards will be maintained in any trade deals, but it is very important that this is honored and that our farmers are not undermined by low-quality trade deals. We have animal welfare standards here that are higher than many countries, so no She can compete.

“The UK is behind certain countries in ending cages and crates – and that’s something Zach wanted to do if he stayed. There is still a lot we can do about trade agreements. It’s important to the public for animal welfare to come forward, and we hope the government recognizes this and continues to support and improve our high standards” .

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