With grandmothers on the way, Rod is ready for Turin | ATP . round

Casper Road He knew he had stopped working this season. after making it Nitto ATP Finals Debuting to cover the 2021 Breakout campaign, he was ready for a bigger challenge than ever as he struggled to establish himself among the game’s elite.

The Norwegian delivered things in a big way, exceeding even his own expectations as he comfortably booked a return flight to Turin. Having finished last season in eighth place in the Pepperstone ATP Ranking, he climbed to world number 2 this year after winning three titles and reaching the final in Miami, Roland Garros and the US Open.

“People sometimes say it can be more difficult to stay in the top 10 or the top five than to get there [the first time] “Because now you have all these other guys kind of after you and they come in from behind and they want to kick you out and replace you,” Rudd said at a media day in Turin, speaking with ATP Media. I’m doing well enough to be here again this year and I’m very happy with that.”

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While Ron had strong support from his players’ fund last year in Italy – he said “I think every seat in the box has been taken by my family and my team,” his entourage will include two new guests this year: his grandmothers.

“They don’t come around very often,” Rudd said of the VIPs. “Sometimes they’re a little frustrated with me because I don’t call them often. They’re great, but like all grandmothers, they can be too much sometimes,” he added with a smile. “But of course I love them and it’s good that they are here for the first time.”

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With his caring family, the Turin 2021 semi-finals enjoyed a return to a familiar setting at the Pala Alpitour, where each player enjoys the luxury of his own dressing room with his picture on the door and adorning the walls inside. Unlike last year, Rudd wrapped up his qualification for Torino while saving time thanks to his fantastic season.

“It’s more comforting to know you’re qualified for a while. Last year it’s been so stressful,” he said, thinking about the race between himself and himself, Hubert HurkaczAnd the Yannick Sener And the Cameron Norrie. In the end, the four competed in Turin – Rudd and Hurkacz as direct qualifiers, Sener and Nuri as substitutes. But the experience left Rudd hungry to seal his place early this year, and the Norwegian succeeded in that endeavor, earning the qualification in late September with a victory in Seoul.

“You think about it when you start the year,” he said of the Pepperstone ATP Live Race To Turin. “The first game of the year, you’re thinking, ‘I want to have a good year’, because you know that in November there will be Nitto ATP FinalsAnd I hope you get to it. Being able to do it again this year, for the second time, is very special.

“I knew this year was going to be an important and difficult year for me because the first time you get to the top 10, or the first year you get to this championship, you know that next year you’re going to have to defend everything that’s over.”

After a grueling season in which he played 22 championships and scored 48 wins, will Rudd be left in the tank enough for a deep tour of Turin?

“Let’s see. I hope so,” said the 23-year-old. “It’s going to be hard. You’re kind of trying to fool yourself that she’s not the last.

“This is a great place, a great city to play in. The Italian fans are so passionate that you will feel the energy from the moment you step onto the field, which we hope will lift you up a bit, no matter who you are or who you are playing… They really know what they are doing here at Italy when it comes to tennis and that feels great for us.”

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