Why GODSMACK canceled a plan to release two new albums

In a new interview with Las Vegas’s KOMP 92.3 a radio station, Sulli Erna asked what happened to Godsmick‘s previously announced For the release of a “full-length rock record” as well as a “really great soundtrack album or EP.” erna Answered (as written by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Well, a couple of years ago, we might have been a bit more ambitious [laughs], talking about the work of two records. And then the truth sinks in when you sign up and realize that these things take a long time to do, until you get it right. What we wanted to focus on was quality, not quantity. And that’s what we did.”

As for the Godsmickhis next album, “lighting the sky”which will feature the recently released single “Give up”And the erna He said, “This record has really been an amazing journey, as we wrote and recorded it. We really feel like it could be the last piece of music because we’re in a place in our lives right now where we’ve done a lot of music. But music, even though it’s something we’ve always wanted to do in our lives.” , she is not everything We wanted to do in our lives. It’s not like we’re saying we’re parting and this is a farewell tour or whatever; We’re just saying this might be the last full set of music you hear from us. But we’ll always come back and do shows, and maybe just try to relax the table a little bit more, since we’re coming in 25 or 26, whatever… and we’re really grateful for that – we don’t have any regrets – but there are other things some of us want to do. And we just want to have time to do that. That’s why we say we won’t give up, but we create a comfortable schedule, and our job is to give you the best music we can give you.

“I’d rather go out on a high note than just keep going,” Soleil explained. “But you can never say absolutely. I’m just saying I’m expecting it, and I’m pretty sure this might be the last of the new music. But then again, this isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning of a new chapter. We’re going to do it a little differently now. We’ll be there. Enjoying ourselves on the live shows, “Because that’s what we love to do and that’s really a reward for everything we’re doing in the studio and releasing new music. It’s all about walking the road and playing it live. So now we have a chance to put on the best great performances and have a really great time with the fans from now on.”

On September 28 Godsmick chest “Give up” Across BMG. The track marks the band’s first release in four years, following their globally acclaimed gold-certified 2018 album “When Legends Rise”who got ernaThe front-facing outfit is topping the US album charts on Hard Rock, Rock, and Alternative.

according to ernaThe second single from “lighting the sky” It will arrive in February and coincide with the release of the full album.

In September 2021, Godsmickhis last album, “When Legends Rise”holds a gold certificate from Ria (Recording Industry Association of America) for sales of over half a million copies. In addition, there are two more LP songs (title track and “Under your scars”) is officially certified gold by Ria. The first single on the album “Bulletproof” Received a Single Digital Platinum Award in September 2020 and previously received a Gold Certificate in the United States

“When Legends Rise” It was the seventh album of Godsmick. produced by Eric Ron And the ernaIt was the band’s first release in four years and was recorded at their former headquarters (GSHQ) in Derry, New Hampshire. The album went on to rack up several career achievements for the group: four #1 rock tracks (a feat that makes Godsmick one of only four rock acts to make it happen), and recorded 11 singles in the band’s career with the album’s fourth single, “never forget”. “When Legends Rise” It entered the Billboard Top 200 album chart in the top ten (#8), with four #1 positions on other charts: Top Rock Albums, Top Hard Music Album, Top Independent Albums, and Top Alternative Albums.

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