Why corporate mobility is essential to achieving digital transformation in a post-pandemic world

Why Cross-Enterprise Mobility is Essential to Achieving Digital Transformation in A
Why Cross-Enterprise Mobility is Essential to Achieving Digital Transformation in A

To meet this shift in consumer expectations, experts point to the key role of mobility in a post-pandemic world as the basis for digital transformation.

The world is currently returning to normal, but the expectations of employees and consumers have permanently changed. Workspaces have grown beyond traditional boundaries, and operational managers now have to oversee many activities outside their direct control. Dynamic supply chains make this task particularly challenging.

The supply chain is always subject to change. At the port, the goods may be suspended. The minimum wage may rise. Global tensions can escalate, affecting how the supply chain moves and communicates.

Fast-moving production floors, small fulfillment centers, severe shortages, and high last-mile costs are causing problems for modern supply chains.

Experts point to the critical role of navigating the post-pandemic world as the cornerstone of digital transformation in order to meet this change in customer expectations.

How Executives Can Use Corporate Mobility Initiatives Effectively

Two features should be enabled in Worker Work Devices for IT managers considering the transition to a fully hybrid or remote work environment: seamless connectivity and security.

Data can be captured, stored, and shared digitally with fewer errors and wait times using a mobile device, such as a rugged cell phone or work tablet. Combined with a reliable MDM solution, this makes it easier for organizations to deploy new devices, reduce downtime, increase usage, and even ensure that security patches are installed in a timely manner to prevent breaches.

Here are some of the applications in which executives can successfully hire MDM:

To analyze consumer behavior through collected data

The rise in e-commerce, online purchase and in-store pickup (BOPIS) transactions in the wake of the pandemic shows how customers’ shopping habits have evolved. Mobile devices with built-in scanners can capture data automatically while also transcribing it to a shared database. A robust MDM solution ensures that all devices are running well and helps IT professionals prevent problems during their busiest operating times.

To enable real-time consumer engagement

Three out of four customers, according to recent surveys, will check their order details multiple times before receiving their packages. To ensure current traceability, supply chains must provide real-time insights compatible with user-friendly systems. To distribute labor efforts where they are most needed, teams must also be able to track deployed resources in real time.

Leading operating system developers collaborate with business technology suppliers to design platforms that seamlessly connect employees and customers to meet this need. All major operating systems and device types are supported by advanced mobile device management solutions, greatly simplifying IT management of mobile assets.

To establish working relationships and trust:

If there is one thing that breaks trust between two parties, it is a breakdown in communication. Current cellular technologies bridge the gaps between teams to avoid misinterpretation, such as push-to-talk communication options and cellular networks. In addition, new security patches and updates to combat growing cyber threats further strengthen mobile devices so that they may contain important data and communication channels without compromising operations.

Digital transformation is a necessity, and MDM is the fastest way to achieve it

Core functionality includes bulk device configuration, device lifecycle tracking independent of the OS, and support for both company and employee owned devices should be possible with a robust and reliable MDM solution. The devices must provide workers with accurate, real-time data wherever they are when these conditions are met.

Enterprise-ready MDM systems provide operating chiefs with the tools, resources, and security capabilities they need to be prepared for unforeseen catastrophic events in highly complex and evolving supply chains. Enterprise Mobility solutions are the first step in achieving digital transformation, which remains a top priority for organizations across all sectors.

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