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Says Jennifer Oyobi, founder of Naija Brand Influencer KEHINDE AJOSE About her pioneering journey

what or what Were your ambitions in your childhood?

My childhood ambition was to become a lawyer because I loved arguing so much. But, as fate would like, she studied theater arts and ventured into the entertainment industry.

What schools did you attend?

I received my primary education at Kubwa Three Model Primary School in Abuja. I went to Jewel Model Secondary School, also in Abuja. She also attended the University of Abuja where she studied theater arts. She proceeded to earn a master’s degree in theater arts from the University of Benin.

Why did you dare to influence the brand?

I have ventured into branding because I have a passion for helping business owners make sales. I’ve always thought about the possibilities of helping companies make online sales. I’ve seen a lot of companies complaining about not being able to generate enough sales. I also wanted to be known for my competence which is why I ventured to influence the brand.

When did you start this type of business?

I ventured to influence the brand in 2018, when I saw other brand influencers doing well. This prompted me to become a brand influencer. I took a class by a famous brand influencer on Instagram, and I learned a lot. After that day, I would go to people’s pages (on social media) and research how to create content. At the time, I was working for a corporate organization, and also learning social media marketing. It was like a side hustle. But, in no time, I started getting followers, because I was learning from others and coaching people while providing social media marketing services.

What challenges do you face while doing your job?

The challenge is that some business owners do not understand their audience, which is why they do not make good sales, especially online. Another challenge is that some people misinterpret my concept (of effect) because I’m dancing. I actually dance as a strategy to get people to pay attention to my online teaching. Those who do not understand my concept may misjudge me.

Also, creating content is never easy. Sometimes, one may feel lazy to create content. But, this must be done because if one does not create content regularly, people will forget about it and their online reach will decrease.

What are the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to pursuing their dreams and starting a business?

Mistakes women make when it comes to pursuing their dreams include not focusing. They feel that whatever they want should be given to them by a man. It is important for women to be financially independent. A woman must have a source of livelihood, whether a man is in the picture or not.

Some women also give up easily when starting a business. They throw in the towel when they don’t see results right away. But things don’t work that way. One has to put work first. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that the journey was not so rosy at first.

What are the greatest business lessons you have learned over the years?

I have learned that if one concentrates on their business, they will surely achieve their dreams. It all has to do with one’s mindset and how consistent it is. If one is serious and exercises a lot of passion, they will excel. I am speaking from my personal experience. I noticed because I’m very passionate, it has helped me pay more, and I’m actually seeing results.

How do you deal with difficult customers?

I try as much as possible to be patient with them. However, there are some customers who are cruel and toxic. If they make me feel bad, I’d rather avoid them. Not all of my clients.

How do you like to dress?

I like to wear simple and elegant clothes.

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