Who is Oomai Rani, Arulmozhi Varman’s guardian angel, in Ponniyin Selvan 1?

Spoiler on top for PS1 and PS2.

first part of Bonin Sylvan 1 Finished with a major cliffhanger. as Arulmozhi Varman (Gayam RaviHe fights with the Pandyas to save Vallavarayan Vanthiyathevan.disastrous), the ship sank and our heroes sank. However, it is clear that the nominal character, sylvan bonnetIt will be saved at the end of the day. Therefore, the Hagar was not about whether the Raja Raja Chola had survived or not, but rather about the person who jumps into the sea to save him.

People who had not read the book were fascinated to find an old copy of Aishwarya Rai. Even before the climax scene, the character saves the young prince and Vallavrayan from the Pandyas by heroic entry on an elephant. Later, Arulmozhi revealed that she is called Oomai Rani, who has been his guardian angel since his childhood.

The legend behind the name Bonin Sylvain

Even the reason behind the name “Pooniyin Selvan” is related to Umai Rani. During Arulmozhi Varman’s childhood, when the royal family sails across the Cauvery River, the prince falls into the river and is rescued by an unknown female character. People begin to believe that it was River Ponni (another name for Cauvery) who saved the little prince. Hence, he got the name Ponniyin Selvan (son of Ponni). However, later through the novels of Arulmozhi and Sundara Cholan, it is revealed that the unknown woman was Oomai Rani.

book vs movie

In the book, Oomai Rani’s character development continues for a few chapters, which in the movie is shortened to just two scenes. After Vallavarayan Vanthiyathevan and Alwaarkadiyan meet Arulmozhi Varman, the trio wander around Sri Lanka to explore the country. Oomai saves them from a building fall and another fatal accident during that time. Later, it was revealed to the readers that they were all plots to assassinate the Pandias. Arumozhi reveals that Oomai has saved him from similar dangers in the past.

The painful secret of Sundara Cholan

Back in Thanjavur, Sundara Chulan finally revealed a secret to his daughter Kundhavai – the secret that has been killing him from within all these years. Sundara says he was in love with a beautiful Sri Lankan woman named Mandakini. The two live happily together on a small island, but when the burden of running the kingdom comes his way, Sundara leaves it behind with the promise that he will return. But he does not keep his promise. Sundara regrets to Kondhavai that the sins of his past are the cause of the imminent downfall of the kingdom. He also reveals that Mandakini’s ghost continues to haunt him in his dreams – an important reason for his declining health.

It does not take an expert to connect the dots that Mandakini Devi is Oomai Rani. However, the reason for her fondness for Arulmozhi Varman and her resemblance to Pazhuvu Ilayarani Nandini is one of the many twists of the book. Only read on if you want to know Ponniyin Selvan’s biggest spoiler.

Heavy spoilers ahead

It is easy to guess that Nandini is the daughter of Mandakini Devi as they both look alike. But why does she love Arulmozhi Varman and save him from all the troubles around him? This is because she “thinks” that Bunyan Sylvain is her son! Mandakini Devi gives birth to two children. One is Nandini Devi. The other child, a boy, remains a mystery. While you think Arulmozhi is the boy, it is revealed that the other child is Madhuranthakan (Rahman)! It is the prince who wants to succeed Sundara Chollar on the throne. Similarities between Nandini and Madhuranthakan are hinted at in the book, but not in the movie. After all is said and done, the father of two also makes up for another interesting plot. At least, let some mystery be before Ponniyin Selvan 2 is released in 2023.

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