Where the Mariners stand as they eye their first supplement berth since 2001

The emotional fluctuations were severe.

“From the lowest you can get, to the highest you can get,” said Scott Service, Mariners director.

Then Julio Rodriguez and Eugenio Suarez swung at the bottom of the ninth game on Sunday Save the sailors From their most devastating defeat to their most exciting win this season.

The Atlanta Braves, the world champion and a favorite to repeat this fall, have cleared a five-game deficit with a massive three at home in the last two innings to take the lead from a Seattle game that has been bulletproof for most of the year. . Rodriguez and Suarez then returned to Atlanta near Kenley Jansen at the bottom of the ninth place to give the Mariners an 8-7 win and push Seattle closer to its first berth after the season since 2001.

“What a great moment for the ball club,” Service said. “…I had a special feeling for this team from the start.”

The Mariners (79-61), tied with Tampa Bay for first place in the Major League Wild Cards race, begin a two-game streak against the San Diego Padres Tuesday night at T-Mobile Park after the holiday. Let’s dig into some numbers to explain where the sailors are and where they might be headed:


With 22 games remaining in the regular season, the Mariners have a 99.8% chance of making the playoffs and a 3.8% chance of winning the World Championship, according to FanGraphs. Baseball’s reference algorithm gives Seattle a 99.5% chance of achieving a postseason and a 5.1% chance of winning the World Series.


Rodriguez’s home run was measured with a one-ninth on 117.2 mph off the bat, the deadliest of his career and the most difficult of any Mariners hitter during the statcast era (since 2015). And scored eighth in the Premier League this season.

This was also Rodriguez’s second home run, making it the first home run multiplayer game of his career.

“You know what you have, you trust yourself, and you know what you can do,” Rodriguez said, explaining his approach to the game’s biggest moments. “Just let it all happen, get out there and compete. And I feel like that’s why I can manage the feelings, because I know what I have, and I know I put in the work and all that I’ve been through.”


Rodriguez’s 5.4 wins over replacement (WAR) from the baseball reference rating 10The tenth Among all MLB center players. He has war number 1 among all rookies. (Atlanta middleweight Michael Harris finished second among the rookies with an average of 4.5.)


with the Huge Contract Extension Signed in late August, Rodriguez could be a navigator during the 2039 season (if all player and club options are exercised).

“He’s been the same guy all year,” said veteran left-hander Marco Gonzalez, who this summer declared Julio the best player he’s ever seen. “You know, with the contract and the fame that comes with it, I was really, really proud of the way he handled it all. Besides what he does on the court, he’s impressive.”


At the September 10 Games, Rodriguez hit .400 with a 1,228 OPS, with four home runs and two doubles.


Suarez has achieved two knockout rounds with Mariners this season. The first came at 11The tenth Match against Toronto on July 8. Suarez has had 30 home runs this season, most of them at the club, and his 14 home runs since August 1 are the most in the top teams.

“Geno Adel, he’s as consistent a player as I’ve ever been,” Service said. “He doesn’t go up much, he doesn’t go down much. He just plays baseball.”


The Mariners have hit 58 home runs in 37 games since August 1, the most in the Major League since then.


On June 19, the Mariners were eliminated at home in a 4-0 loss to the Angels, dropping to a season low of 10 games under 0.500. Since then, the sailors are between 50 and 22 years old – with a win percentage of 0.694 that ranked second in the MLB during that time. Since then, only the Dodgers (55-18, .753) have won. Atlanta (48-24, .667) and Houston (49-25, 662) ranked second and third on that list.


Over the past 18 games, the Mariners have run a 100 in 106 2/3 runs since August 24, scoring 10-2 with 1.79 ERA and only allowing 10 walks since. Marco Gonzalez scored five hits and was not allowed to walk in six rounds on Sunday against Atlanta.


T-Mobile Park was packed all weekend, with an reported 132,324 attendance for a three-game series against the Braves. Sunday saw the sale of the fifth team of the season (45245).

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