Where does Dr. Oz go – and his reputation – from here?


Philadelphia – There is no such thing as second verbs? Mehmet Oz has had many successes: After starting his career as a cardiac surgeon, he enjoyed success as a teacher, inventor, author, TV celebrity, questionable product Batman – and most recently, as the Donald Trump-backed victor in the Republican primary for an open seat in the US Senate in Pennsylvania.

and then Lost. Only by four percentage points, but it’s a loss nonetheless.

It was a rare and very public failure of a man whose life was marked by success in many areas. Oz had left a lucrative television career, a famous medical practice and forgotten in North Jersey, and invested $27 million of his own fortune in the campaign, only to be relentlessly derided on the internet as a hacker with Suspicious recipe for experts – And in Pennsylvania to use that word.

At 62, what will Oz do next? The campaign did not respond to requests for comment. in Franchise StatementOz offered little knowledge other than, “I hope we’ll begin the healing process as a nation soon.”

A return to surgery and medical education seems unlikely. In the spring, Oz ended his long ties with Columbia University, where he is now Professor Emeritus and Special Lecturer at the Medical Center, titles used for retired faculty. Colombia officials declined to comment further.

Money may not be the main motivator, although he is very adept at accumulating wealth. According to his campaign disclosure report, Oz Worth between $100 million and $422 million.

Dr. Oz’s Senate race, which has been inundated with Trump, is deadlocked

Political insiders note Oz’s nomination has faltered due to running on the same ticket as Gov. Doug Mastriano, a 2020 election denier. Who supported the abortion ban Which lost by 14 points. And there’s Oz’s embrace of Trump, whose candidates underperformed in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Does Oz’s second chapter in politics have a second chapter? If so, where and how would he regulate it? “There are certainly opportunities for him to be a leader in Pennsylvania if he chooses to,” said Republican media expert Charlie Gero.

“Oz could spend the next few years here, volunteering and becoming part of the community to overcome that outside identity, which more than any other factor was his biggest weakness,” said Christopher Borek, director of the Muhlenberg Institute for Public Opinion.

Even then, it can be hard for Oz to get over Pennsylvania voters’ preference for politicians who The first events took place in the Commonwealth – no matter how much meat is pressed, Wawa-and-Sheetz photo ops and Chicken/cheesesteak/pierogi dinner the famous doctor wants to eat. Borek said the outsider’s situation was “hard to get over”. “If there’s no one else in class, maybe.”

But there is someone Else in the layout. If Oz decides to hold another election for the Pennsylvania Senate in 2024, when? The current Democrat seat, Robert B. Here’s an idea: Could Oz try to keep his political career afloat in… New Jersey?

It’s not impossible,” Borek said. “But you can just imagine the Democratic ads targeting him for this move.”

He could return to a TV talk show, making Oz famous enough to run for office in the first place. However, he may find the environment a little cooler than when he left.

Disappointing ending to the opera Dr. Oz

Daytime television is about mass appeal, Now Oz “has a big problem because he’s gone all the way to MAGA,” said Matthew Bohm, a professor of communications at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Doctors have a higher trust among Americans. He kind of threw in the towel in a big way when he became a powerful partisan politician,” Bohm said. “It’s kind of a fundamental breach of that trust. He decisively crossed that line.”

Oz’s opinions on abortion, a major midterm issue among Democratic voters, may be particularly alienating to potential consumers of Oz content. “His healthy brand is dead,” said Christopher Balvey, partner of Red Seat Ventures, a media consultant specializing in conservative outlets. “Don’t think of Mehmet Oz as a doctor. You think of him as a republican.”

“Once you become a Republican, there is no going back. The mainstream of daytime television is closed to him,” Belfi said. “He needs to choose a different path.”

There are, of course, areas for American television where celebrities can lean on their politics. “One component of the conservative media is older Americans,” said Belvey. “There might be some interest.”

Oz may try to become a staple on conservative channels such as Fox News, as he appeared frequently on The Sean Hannity Show. “He’s clearly a compelling TV personality,” Balfi said. “He could do really well with podcasts.”

“I can even imagine a new project for Oz,” Bohm said. “It wouldn’t be easy to win back the confidence of non-conservatives, but in the massive ecosystem of television, he could have a very lucrative career with one foot in politics, and one foot in entertainment.”

A brilliantly man of geese in courting advertisers And the masses, there are many potential works to come. Even if they are not appointed in Washington.

Again, geese can be everywhere.

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