What Kyle Whittingham thinks about Cam Rising was on display in Washington state

Plus: Running Status, Dalton Kinkade, and When It’s Time to Judge Runnin’ Utes

(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Utah quarterback Cameron Rising (7) celebrates converting two game-winning points as University of Utah host USC and NCAA football in Salt Lake City on Saturday, October 15, 2022.

Much has been done, and rightly so, from the fact that Cam Rising was ground zero late last Thursday night in Washington State.

The apparent knee injury and how it might help define the rest of the University of Utah season, the exceptionally late timing of Rising’s decision to sit down, He put it in Saturday night’s game with Arizona at Rice Eccles Stadium.

It’s all been vetted over the past week, but one thing it takes for granted hasn’t had enough play because we’ve talked about this situation and nausea.

When Rising said he couldn’t play on Thursday, that was enough for Kyle Whittingham. No questioning, no guesswork, no arguing. Of course, that decision was made in consultation with the team’s doctors, but it is ultimately up to Rising, and by all accounts, Whittingham respected the decision.

This all speaks volumes about the level of confidence Whittingham has in his veteran starting quarterback. When the Utes coach held his regular Monday press conference earlier this week, he reiterated a key talking point he made four days earlier at Pullman.

“If he says he can’t play, he can’t play because he’s one of the most competitive players ever,” said Whittingham, now in his 18th season as head coach and 29th season in the coaching staff. “Just spending three years, or more than three years now with him on a daily basis. His knowledge, who he is, his personality, his personality, his competitiveness and his makeup is everything. There is no man on the team who wants to win worse than him and despises sitting outside.”

Rising’s disdain for sitting outside leads us to now, and what his condition might be in relation to what is essentially another game to be won if Utah is to return to the Pac-12 Championship game on December 2 in Las Vegas.

On Monday, Whittingham said “It’s a lot better today than it was a week ago today,” giving way to optimism that the five-year-olds will take on the Wildcats.

There is no access to the media in practice so to say what happened behind closed doors is impossible, but once the media were allowed inside for post-practice interviews, it was clear that Rising was involved on Monday and Tuesday, both times with a protective gear . An injured left knee brace.

However, if Rising feels he can’t play, he will say so, and that would be good enough for Whittingham.

Other things on my mind

• there is no doubt Mika Bernard He’ll at least give it a try Saturday night, as he did in Washington State, getting dressed, warming up, and then limited to three trips due to injury. Suppose that Tavon Thomas remains outside, and Bernard is limited. Can Gaylon Glover and Jacquenden Jackson Being as productive as it was at Pullman? I thought this sound bite from Whittingham on a Monday when the talk about Jackson was worth mentioning.

“Without it, we’d be in real trouble, if we didn’t make it work as is.”

• There is no sugar coating on it. if Dalton Kincaid Outside of Saturday, it’s a big deal. It becomes less of a problem if a wide receiver not named Devaughn Vele is having a big night, but with each passing week it feels like he’s asking for a lot.

• It will be difficult to measure what this is Runnin’ Utes The team until at least Thanksgiving week when they play Georgia Tech, then either Marquette or Mississippi State on neutral ground in Florida. Even these two games may not paint a good enough picture as neither of them is expected to finish above nine in their respective conferences. The Yellow Jackets, two years after finishing in the top four in the ACC Championship, were voted last in the 15-team league this winter.

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