What does a 3-1 win for the Giants mean?

It was almost over when Graham Gano, who was an automatic, lined up for a 37-yard field goal that would have put the Giants ahead by 11 seconds with 17 seconds remaining. However, the ball came out of the left upright on a windy day, which also caused Chicago’s Phil Jones Jr. to miss the ball in the previous possession. Instead of the Giants putting the game completely out of their reach, Chicago had one last try and played a side game before finally resting the ball and reading the retro scoreboards from Legacy Game 0:00.

The Giants allowed 13 sacks and only made three sacks in their first three matches. They significantly reversed that number on Sunday, sacking Justin Fields six times while only allowing Jones once. Defensive figures included a knockout by Aziz Ogulari which led to the recovery of rookie player Kayvon Teboudo. Defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence also had two bags.

“We were having fun; we’re building that harmony,” said Tibodo, who missed the first two matches through injury alongside Ogulari. “It’s really our second time and we’re still missing a couple of players, but just being able to play freely and attacking played complementary football; getting down there and scoring and really gave us a chance to go and put some pressure on the quarterback.”

The Giants carved a place in the record books with 262 rushing yards, the ninth highest single-game total in franchise history. That was the most in a regular season since they rushed for 301 yards in an overtime victory over the Carolinas in 2008.

“Good week of practice,” Daboll said. “That was, I say, the plan that I got into. It’s always good when things are going the way we want them to work in a game. Daniel wasn’t necessarily a designer. There were pass-to-play elements that we thought would be a few good designs to compete. against their team. They went with the receiver. We bumped into some other designs. We hit the design on (wide receiver David) Seals as they called us in formation. I thought our streak did a good job. We ran the ball in. We ran the ball out. We have two charts working there that we loved this particular week.Then 26 (Sacon Barkley) – I’ve said it since OTAs – A really good football player. So, besides Daniel, what did he have – about 70 or something? That’s how That we wanted to play this game. And it worked.”

Having not yet spoken to the medical staff, Daboll said in his post-match press conference that he had no new updates on injuries. All he had at the time was a list, and what is that list. In addition to the quarterbacks, the following players have dealt with injuries: J Mark Glowinsky (ankle), CB Aaron Robinson (knee), S Julian Love (concussion), DL Henry Mundo (ankle), OT Evan Neal (neck) , friendship. Kenny Goladay (knee). This was after the Giants ruled five players due to injuries before the game: CB Cordell Flute (calf), CB Nick McCloud (hamstring), WR Wandell Robinson (knee), WR Cadarius Toni (hamstring), and DL . Leonard Williams (knee).

As for the quarterbacks, Jones said he felt fine but “a bit sore” after the game. Meanwhile, Taylor has suffered a concussion and is on protocol.

What does winning mean for the giants?

Since 1990, teams that started 3-1 have participated in the playoffs 63.7 percent of the time. The Giants will put that record to the test when they travel to London in Week 5 to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Giants, who played in their first NFL game for the regular season in 2007, were undefeated in their first two previous London games.

What does losing mean for the bears

Chicago, which alternated wins and losses for the first four weeks, stayed on track to take on the Minnesota Vikings, who returned from their trip to London with a record 3-1.

“He’s obviously very frustrated with the loss here,” said Bears coach Matt Ebervloss. “I just came out of the dressing room with the players and talked to these guys about our work on improving. Obviously, in the first half we needed to do a better job stopping the running with the midfielder. I thought we did a good job adapting to that in the second half. It’s over. It’s going to pop some kicks at us and they run the ball very effectively for us to win the game today. So we have to improve that for sure. It’s 14-9 in the first half and when the other team scores touchdowns and we shoot the field overall and that’s not good. We should. We’re making sure we deal with that in terms of scoring efficiency when attacking in the red area as well. Turn some of those three-pointers into a big seven in the future.”

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