Varjo adds 3D Engine Drive support to its Varjo Reality cloud platform

Fargo, maker of professional VR/XR hardware and software, has announced its support for lonliness And the Unreal Engine projects for her Fargo Realty Cloud a program. Enterprise software as a service (SaaS) enables real-time, anywhere, anytime cloud VR/XR capabilities to supported devices for power users.

Earlier this year, Varjo Reality Cloud streaming of VR/XR content in human eye resolution became available, along with support Autodesk VREDAnd now, there’s additional support for highly demanding apps powered by Unity and the Unreal Engine. The rapid pace of Varjo Reality Cloud development is an affirmation of the company’s commitment to becoming a metaverse service provider and offering immersive streaming with the highest performance available on the market.

Varjo Reality Cloud greatly simplifies the use of VR and XR software, the hardware and IT infrastructure required to operate them, enabling professionals of all skill levels to engage, collaborate, and participate in 3D projects that were not previously possible. Enterprise SaaS solution provides file support Mixed reality Experiences, prestigious presentation, and a stream visible with the precision of a human eye, all the features of Varjo.

“Fargo has cracked the code for immersive VR/XR broadcasting. No other player in the industry has accomplished cloud broadcasting with multiple software and hardware like Varjo Reality Cloud” ORHO CONTOURYCo-founder and CTO of Varjo. “We’re making it easy for companies to launch their industrial metaverse strategy, and we’re excited to expand Varjo Reality Cloud to the developer community with the addition of Unity and the Unreal Engine.”

Unity and the Unreal Engine are two of the most prominent engines used for software development today and are essential tools for anyone doing 3D design. Now, across games, entertainment, healthcare and more, creators, developers and architects can stream high-definition XR/VR content made with these engines from Varjo Reality Cloud. Advantages of the platform include the ability for people to easily share VR/XR experiences across teams and devices, and a massive expansion across organizations that allows intuitive VR/XR use for more roles, locations, and devices than ever before.

Varjo Reality Cloud is designed to meet the sophisticated hardware and software needs of all industries and professions, replicating the simplicity of online conferencing tools. In early 2023, participants can join Varjo Reality Cloud sessions beyond its own set of headsets to enable any user to stream powerful apps across popular iOS (mobile apps), Windows (desktop) devices, and other PC-powered VR headsets. profile. In the future, Varjo will support untethered VR/AR headsets and specialized manufacturers of mobile devices and PCs.

Varjo Reality Cloud is available with Unity and Unreal Engine cloud streaming support at $299 per month per user. In addition, when buying a Fargo AeroThere will be a three-month Varjo Reality Cloud package for $2,690.

What Early Access Customers Said About Varjo Reality Cloud

“Varjo Reality Cloud is an absolute feat for building a seamless, realistic open-world experience like Cornerstone. The human-eye-resolution VR streaming experience enabled by Varjo is the perfect match for graphically ambitious Unreal Engine projects. Thanks to Varjo’s pioneering work with cloud technology, anyone can Now empowering himself to broadcast visually stunning unreal experiences on an unprecedented scale.” – Tommy LatellaCOO, Cornerstone, ZOAN

“Giving users a real sense of being in 3D environments is a key factor in building the metaverse. At HoloLab, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality 3D content using Unity and the Unreal Engine. With Varjo Reality Cloud, we can now effortlessly manage and share the immersive content we create and share.” , with complete confidence that it will display at its best. Now, we know that those who watch our content, both indoors and outdoors, will be able to experience it with crystal clarity, even while playing on regular laptops.” — Tomoyo Hirayamaproject manager, HoloLab Inc.

“Varjo Reality Cloud is clearly the future of immersive content. We previously thought we would have to wait 5-6 years to create a realistic metaverse, but Varjo Reality Cloud can actually make this possible today. Varjo’s high streaming quality allows for more intense experiences to be shown. Graphically as the designers intended, without noticeable delay, in real time. The accuracy of the human eye for immersive VR/XR streaming is an absolute game-changer.” – Ryunosuke TsukidatixR/CGI/VFX Producer, Next-gen Renderer Project Manager, Information Services Internationals-Dentsu (ISID)

About Fargo

fargo (pronounced Far You) makes revolutionary VR/XR hardware and software that together allow you to view and experience virtual and multiplexed content just as you see the analog world around us. Our VR and Mixed Reality headphones take you to another level of performance and emotional immersion – recreating the subtle feel and real-life conditions, allowing you to perform better and learn faster.

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