Tyson Foerrester explains why ‘The Sky’s the Limit,’ OT Winner in Novice Flyers

Allentown, Pennsylvania – When Tyson Forester was announced as the game’s first star, he found a cheerful young fan along the boards.

Skate the youngster and flip his OT-winning puck out of the Flyers’ 2-1 win in the rookie game over Rangers.

Well done boy. Both.

Forster is only 20 years old and Friday night was just a match between prospects at the PPL Center. But the 2020 first-round pick displayed exactly what the Flyers had hoped for when they picked him for 23rd overall.

Go win the game with this shot.

With the Flyers front office look, Foerster didn’t hesitate to bury the overtime winner just 39 seconds into the bonus session.

Forster had to be a small but sweet shot for the Flyers elite after the organization went through the 2021-22 season as things went well. The club came out 25-46-11 and lamented their need for more top-class talent.

The best and cheapest way to find that talent is through an entry draft. The Flyers think they have a talent for shooting first in Forrester.

“Wow, that’s the feeling of winning in overtime,” Ian Lapierrere, head coach of the AHL’s Lehigh Valley, said with a laugh.

“The sky’s the limit for this kid. He can shoot, that’s cool. … But he shows me, he shows everyone a little more with his physical abilities, he wins those fights. It’s impressive.”

Let’s get into the notes from the first two beginner games in the house of the phantoms.

• The Flyers hockey operations booth at the PPL Center likely set off a team game of “Shoot, Boy,” as he watched Forster gain momentum toward the net in overtime.

The club needed more pure circuit shooters. The guys who can beat the goalkeeper without help. It’s an important reason why the Flyers drafted Forster, who was a winger with some roughness in other areas but had an advanced wing shot.

“We don’t have a lot of natural scorers from that region, and we haven’t in a long time,” Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher said on November 30 last season. “It’s definitely something we’ve sought to try to address in the draft for the last few years going forward.”

Forrester had defensive man Adam Jenning on his right and loaded.

Did you call for that?

“No, no, no,” said the Swedish citizen with a big smile.

They all know Forrester can shoot and should look forward to shooting.

“Tys is like that,” said Elliot Desnoyers, who helped the winner. “Give him an inch, he’ll take 10.”

Forster was happy to part with his award-winning tweak in the game.

“It was great,” Foerster said. “I just saw the little kid coming out of the struts over there. I just saw him, and I gave him some heads and he wanted to pinch.”

After missing a lot last season due to shoulder surgery, Forster is a safe bet to open this year with the Phantoms. Pilots will want him to pay, though. He will need to continue working on good governance.

“I’m sure that was his main job – scoring goals. That’s why he was recruited,” Labrier said. “He has that big smile on his face, he loves to score goals, which is great.

“But to play at the next level, scoring goals is one thing, but if that’s the only thing you do, you better do it every night. There aren’t a lot of players at the next level doing that. They have a guy in Washington, and he’s very good. In it, but even he is, he is my body.

“[Foerster is] He’s still young, we have to help him. I hope he’s a great team, and I hope he does it for him, but if he comes here, we’ll help him become a 200ft player, help him win those 1v1 fights like he did tonight. It will only help him for the rest of his career.”

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Tyson Foerster (right) celebrates his extra goal with Elliott Desnoers.

• The line to watch in Flyers Friday night was Forrester, Noah Keats and Jackson Keats.

It is not yet known if Joel Farabi will be ready to start the regular season on October 13. He underwent surgery to replace the disc in the area of ​​his neck. Less than three months ago. He’s been taking part in unofficial drills at the Flyers Training Center and we’ll know more about his condition next week.

But if he’s not available early (and the pilots will be very careful with him), Noah Keats has A real chance to break the season’s opening lineup.

Surprise, surprise, the two brothers read each other well in their rookie game. They played in all situations, won battles, and made some appearances.

“The Keats brothers, they looked great with Tyson on that line,” Labrerre said. “It looks really good.”

• The 23-year-old talented Swedish striker Olle Lycksell played a fantastic play in the Flyers’ 1-1 draw during the second period.

He did everything on goal without help.

The 2016 fifth round selection comes from 14 goals and 34 points for the Vaxjo Lakers’ season in the SHL, Sweden’s top professional league. This season with the Phantoms will be his first in North America.

“It’s a bit more compact, but I liked it,” he said of the smaller ice surface. “You’ll get more chances when you’re an offensive player in this league, I can tell. It’s going to be fun there.”

• Pilots love just about everything with Desnoyers.

They love the way it works. It creates opportunities out of pure effort and intelligence.

The 20-year-old striker did so late in the first period of a goalless match when expected, forced a spin behind Rangers and found Zayde Wisdom for a first-class look into the hole. Wisdom was refused, but Desnoyers’ play would catch the pilots’ attention.

“I wanted to prove a few things and I think I did the right thing,” Desnoers said. “Tomorrow will be another tomorrow and I need to bring more.”

The 2020 Fifth Round pick is set for his first season at the pro level. He had 42 goals and 88 points last season with QMJHL’s Halifax Mooseheads in his final year in junior hockey. Lehigh Valley fans must love it.

Laperriere already knows Desnoyers well. He played with his father, David Desnoyers.

“Just a really impressive kid, he’s one of those kids you talk to, he’s going to sit and talk to you all day long,” Last September, Assistant Director General of Publications Brent Flaher said. “He’s there, he’s talking to old men, he’s learning every day. His work ethic and determination are off the charts.”

• You can see the upside with Ethan Samson. The 6-foot-3, 183-pound defenseman made good decisions with a puck disc at the end and has offensive ability.

The Flyers caught him in the sixth round of the 2021 draft. He turned 19 last month. He will likely be followed up at junior level this season with WHL’s Prince George Cougars.

Defensive players Ronnie Attard and Igor Zamola did not play on Friday but will fit in for the second game.

• Camp invited Nolan Mayer and Jonathan Lemieux to split the game 1 in the network.

Mayer denied 11 of his 12 shots before making way for Lemieux, who converted nine saves.

• The second round for the Flyers and Rangers takes place on Saturday (5:05 PM ET / NBCSP+).

Swedish goalkeeper Samuel Ersson will play the full match.

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