Ty Gibbs wins NASCAR Xfinity in tense Phoenix Final

While leading most of the laps, Gibbs had to battle a wild three-sided battle with his fellow championship contenders. Noah Gregson And the Justin Alger In the last 25 laps.

Gibbs finally put Algayer on top for the last time with 20 of the 200 laps remaining and overtaken Gregson by 0.397sec to claim the win and the series title.

Just a week ago, Gibbs received almost universal condemnation for destroying his teammate Joe Gibbs Racing. Brandon Jones On the last lap to win the race in Martinsville, Virginia, Gibbs was already qualified for Championship 4 at the time while Jones needed a win to advance.

While Gibbs celebrated with exhaustion after the win, he was greeted with a series of boos from the fans, as did the driver introductions.

It was Gibbs’ seventh win this season and 11th in his career in just 51 starts.

“First, I just want to say thank you to my team. Every one of these guys, my pit crew, did a great job. They put us here. Great job for my team,” Gibbs said.

“You know, what I did last week was unacceptable, and I apologize again, but it was unacceptable because we could have won this deal, and that was stupid from an organization’s point of view. It’s all my fault.

“I can sit here and tell you I’m sorry as much as I can, but that’s not going to fix it. I have to fix my actions. Today I felt like I had a really good race, and I felt like I made some good moves. (Allgaier) and I were racing really hard. I felt like I wished we could deliver. Fantastic show.”

Gibbs’ chief of staff, Chris Gayle, has credited his driver for being able to keep his focus on what was at stake despite last weekend’s crash.

“Just think about how difficult it is to be, how resilient you have to be after going through this last week,” Gayle said. “The hardest thing for him was all the things that led up to him, man.

“When I got between those two walls on this racetrack, that was where the day shined, man.”

Gragson had to fight back from a slow pit stop during the final 160 lap stop that left him eighth on restart. He managed to get back into second and cut his deficit to Gibbs to less than half a second on two occasions, but he didn’t get close enough to a pass for the lead.

They didn’t have enough in the end, but it wasn’t for lack of trying,” said Gregson. “It’s certainly upsetting to lose someone like that, but it wasn’t due to a lack of effort.”

Alger finished in third place, Landon Castle was the fourth and AJ Almendir Rounding out the top five.

Sheldon Creed completed the top ten, Riley HerbstAnd the Daniel HemrickAustin Hill and Sammy Smith.

Josh Perry, the final contender in Championship 4, finished 13th after hitting a wall late in the race.

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Stage 3

After the break between Stages 2 and 3, all of the main lap cars in a pit with the Allgaier were the first road out of the pit.

Upon restarting at Lap 99, Allgaier followed Gibbs, Brandon Jones, Gregson and Smith.

Allgaier and Gibbs ran side by side for about a lap before Gibbs let the lead on lap 100.

At Lap 102, a multi-car wreck broke out near the start/finish line that started when Herbst, Smith and Sam Mayer called and collected several more cars.

A handful of drivers were selected to pit but Gibbs remained on the track and in the lead when the race returned to the green on lap 109.

Enter Kyle Weatherman air gas On lap 111 to move another wreck he also collected Smith and Mason Massey and issued the sixth warning of the race.

A handful of cars were selected to pit, but Gibbs stayed on track and in the lead when racing resumed at Lap 117.

Gragson slipped by Gibbs in the reboot to return to the lead.

On lap 148, Gragson climbed the track in Turns 3 and 4 and Allgaier got him back and reclaimed the lead. Gibbs got Gregson back to second.

Dillon Bassett blew out his engine and came to a halt in Turn 3 on lap 155 to issue the seventh warning of the race.

All cars with a main lap take off with Gibbs first road out of a pit with a 13.7-second stop on four tyres. The race resumed on lap 165 with Gibbs in the lead followed by Algayer, Perry, Creed and Alminder. Grayson lined up eighth after a slow stop.

Jones made a turn near the pit road entrance at Lap 166 after a call from Gragson to put out a warning. Main lap cars remained on the track.

Gibbs led the way on lap 171 followed by Algaer and Perry. Gregson lined up in eighth place.

After running alongside Gibbs, Algaer was able to take a lead on lap 170.

Gibbs used a crossover to finally get back by Allgaier in the lead in the Lap 180.

The second phase

Gibbs completed a sweep of his first two-stage wins, beating Allgaier by 1.4 seconds.

Gregson came third, Smith fourth, and Cassell finished the top five.

After the break between Stages 1 and 2, most cars with a main lap ride with Gibbs first off the road. Nick Sanchez was among those who stayed out and inherited the lead. Austin Hill was penalized for speeding on a pit road and had to restart from the back of the field.

In a reboot at Lap 54, Sanchez Smith, Herbst followed, Gas Grala Gibbs.

Smith took the lead in the restart only to see Gibbs’ strength around him to reclaim the top spot on lap 55.

JJ follows It revolves around entering Turn 1 after calling Chris Wright forcing NASCAR to display a warning at Lap 61.

The race returned to the green on lap 66 with Gibbs staying ahead and followed by Smith, Jones and Castle.

Smith passed Gibbs early in the second half to take the lead, only to see Gregson take the field with a triple to move forward briefly on the next lap. Smith almost immediately executed a crossover move to regain the lead.

Gregson finally got around Smith and took the lead on lap 75.

Gibbs circled Gragson on lap 79 to move aft-back while Allgaier moved into second.

With five laps left on the stage, Gibbs had a 1.5sec lead over Algayer with Gregson third.

level 1

Gibbs led every lap and easily beat Gragson to claim his first stage win, his ninth of the 2022 season.

Allgaier came in third, Berry in fourth and Cassill in the top five.

Gibbs started on the pole and was quickly cleared for the lead.

With 25 laps remaining on the stage, Gibbs had a 3.3sec lead over Gregson as Smith.

Brandon Brown It had a front tire coming down and crashed into Turn 2 on lap 31 to take out the first warning of the race.

A bunch of cars in a hole but Gibbs stayed on the track and in the lead. The race returned to the green on lap 38 with Gibbs followed by Gregson, Algayer and Cassell.

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