Trump insists he was on a ‘business trip’ to the capital where he watched him play golf amid frantic speculation about his legal woes

Donald Trump He insisted that an unannounced visit to Washington, DC, was a “business trip” amid a mountain of speculation online about why he was visiting the US capital.

On Sunday, the former president was seen landing at Dulles International Airport, about 26 miles west of the capital, after flying out of his home. Bedminster Accommodation and golf resort in New Jersey.

he is Wrote On the Truth Social, his own social media post, that his arrival in D.C. was a “business trip” and that he will be doing so from the Trump National Golf Club in Washington, D.C. starting Monday,

In an apparent attempt to stamp out speculation about his activities, he said, “Work today in Trump Washington DC on the Potomac River. What an incredible place!

Speculation about the former president started on Sunday when he shared a video on social media Tweet embed, a freelance journalist based in DC, showed Trump getting off the Cessna Citation X jet he’s used for airlift since leaving the office before getting into a black sports car. Mr. Trump appeared to be greeted by the Secret Service and a police car from Virginia’s Loudoun County, Sheriff’s Department.

Vulnerable viewers noted his golf casual wear and Make America Great Again hat in hand.

Discussion of what those details mean – if any – continued online throughout Sunday night as commentators and “Trump watchers” debated the unannounced visit to Washington, D.C. amid FBI investigation into the loss of classified documents.

He wrote on Twitter: “Donald Trump was seen landing in Dallas tonight and jumping in a darkened SUV Stephanie Winston WolkoffFormer advisor to Melania Trump. She continued, “He looks like he’s wearing white golf shoes. Maybe he did not have time to change? Nobody knows why he is in the capital.”

Another Twitter user, AngryStaffer, argued that it was unusual for Trump to go anywhere without “fuss” on his Truth Social, which had remained largely silent until Monday morning until his “business trip” update.

“Trump often doesn’t do anything without much fanfare, so this makes me think it’s a story he can’t control,” the tweet wrote, adding, “He also doesn’t usually travel in golf clothes, so I found this interesting. I’m sure we We’ll find out more soon.”

Others meanwhile pointed out That Mr. Trump, especially as president, chose to wear white golf shoes when not on one of his golf courses – suggesting that the uniform at Dulles Airport could not provide clues to his trip.

The twice impeached former president, who typically spends the summer at his Bedminster, NJ golf club but maintains his primary residence in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently the subject of an FBI investigation after recovering secrecy and Top Secret Documents from Mar-a-Lago estate last month.

It remains unclear whether or not his unannounced arrival in Washington is linked to this investigation, amid calls for the US Department of Justice to indict the former president on espionage and other charges. Mr. Trump denies any wrongdoing.

Other online commentators have highlighted the fact that Mr Trump does not have any events scheduled in Washington, D.C. in the coming days, fueling further speculation about his activities.

“I keep tabs very close on his agenda and events,” tweeted a former Republican member and attorney Ron Filipkowski. “I’m not aware of anything in the metropolitan area tomorrow for Trump.”

Citizens for EthicsMeanwhile, the Washington, DC-based governmental and non-profit organization, tweeted: “Look, it’s weird that Trump is flying into DC tonight and no one seems to know why. There is a lot of speculation, so let’s wait until we know more before jumping in.” to conclusions. But it is strange.”

Social media users and other commenters I suggested Trump was in the area to visit Walter Reed Military Hospital, where he was treated during a Covid illness as president, although that was not confirmed Monday.

The Trump National Golf Club in Washington, D.C., Virginia is one of dozens of resorts owned by Mr. Trump.

independent He approached his office to comment.

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