Tiger Woods bags for Charlie and Justin Thomas are broken

We pass the bag to Charlie

Notah Begay III National Junior Golf Championship

Hello, friends, and welcome to the latest and greatest from Rogers Report. This update includes some Tiger updates, which are always going to be exciting to bring your way. Russell Henley won (arguably?) The coolest cup in golf on Sunday, Bernard Langer Keep giving Father Time a run for his money and Gemma Dryburgh She became the first woman from Scotland to win the LPGA Tour since 2011.

We had a stag party on the PGA Tour and a wedding on the PGA Tour last weekend. But before we get into that, I’d like to take a moment to congratulate my dear friend Davis Chatfield (and his carrier/brother, Pat) for obtaining conditional status on the Korn Ferry Tour. He was just one of four players to pass the pre-qualifiers, first, second and last to earn full status.

Davis and Patrick Chatfield

Rankin White / PGA Tour

Bachelorette Party Catherine Chu

The exact date of Colin Morikawa and Catherine Cho’s wedding is still unknown to me, but the festivities officially began over the weekend, when Kat and her friends headed to Miami for a beach stag party. We didn’t get a lot of social posts from the event but hey, I’ll take what I can get. Cho and Morikawa got engaged in February, and most bachelorette parties happen two to four months before the wedding. So my detective skills lead me to believe that the two will tie the knot at some point Before Valentine’s Day. I promise to keep you all informed on this front.

Cat Choo in Miami

cat choo

Justin Thomas stumbles

When it comes to attendance, there is nothing better than a wedding without a phone. When it comes to spying on my social media, on the other hand, there is none worst From a wedding without a phone. Jordan Spieth did. Ricky Fowler did it. It makes perfect sense that these guys would want a private wedding and I totally respect that. On the other hand, Paulina Gretzky and Jena Sims made me feel like I was part of the wedding as I lived vicariously through their social posts. Don’t worry, though. There is not an event from which I cannot find content; The discovery process for some takes longer than for others.

Here’s what we know about the event: It was in Franklin, Tennessee. (Thank you Smylie Kaufman for tagging the site on Instagram.) Jordan Spieth was JT’s best man. Attractive! And while I’ll take a moment to point out the fact that JT wasn’t the best guy in Spieth, I think that’s because Spieth has a brother and Thomas is the only child.

I’d like to know what Spieth was talking about in his speech. He probably referred to the junior golf days, their Ryder Cup partnership, and, in my imagination, tossed in a handful of tidbits that would break the internet if only we could get our hands on them.

With JT at the altar, Spieth by his side and Kaufman in attendance, it’s fair for me to conclude that the fourth member of the Spring Break crew, Rickie Fowler, was there as well.

Alexandra O’Lolin was there with her husband and old GT scoring coach, Matt Keelen. Country music singer Morgan Wallen also attended.

Scroll through her post to check out Killen’s particularly bold choice of suit.

The Thomas family hasn’t shared any of their wedding photos (yet), but Jillian has changed her last name on Instagram. We went too far? We may have gone too far. But since this is a public service, I’m here to share what I know.

tiger caddy

Move over, Joe LaCava. There is a new mayor in town. Charlie Woods once again had the best looper ever this week at the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championships.

I can’t help but wonder if all cans are allowed to take carts or if Eldrick is an exception. Either way, it’s weird to see the main champ 15 times rocking his bib can. Imagine if LeBron started judging his son’s games? Or Tom Brady coaching a U-12 soccer team in Tampa?

Tiger met his Stanford teammates, Nota Begai and Will Yanagisawa, at the event.

Check out this photo of them from the archives (1995).

Tiger Woods, Nota PJ, Steve Burdick, Will Yanigasawa and Casey Martin in 1995

stanford golf

Admittedly, I don’t know anything about the golf swing. But to the eye of this 15 female engineer, Charlie’s move looks pretty good!

It also appears that Charlie has made the switch to FootJoy shoes. Like father, like son.

Some good content

Max and Lacey Homma welcomed their first child last week and had a pleasant surprise when they came home from the hospital.

Lacey Homa

Not only did Scheffler and Al Burns send flowers, but John and Kelly Ram took it upon themselves to set up a food train for Homas. How great is this?

Homas’ food train

Max Homa

You absolutely love to see PGA Tour competitors take care of each other off the track.

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