The twins’ battle for Al Central had it all, including a hair check

MINNEAPOLIS – Dirty, trick-ridden series opener between two teams battling thumbs-up for supremacy in the scariest section of baseball, with a rain delay, a furious comeback and a final point thrown a few marks just after midnight, was highlighted by a running umpire. He ran his fingers through the hair of a caramel-colored jug.

The game that had it all, finished with a score of 7-6 guardians win over twinsto a field commercial for L’Oreal in the eighth inning.

“I thought this was ridiculous,” Beginning Cleveland Cal Quantrell He said.

from the moment James Karenshak I went up the hill in a game of three runs on Friday night, and the dugout twins watched closely to unload the Guardian. They were particularly concerned about the way the bowler would touch the back of his shoulder hair after each throw before catching the rosin bag.

“I knew people were clearly thinking I was cheating, but I had no worries because it was just sweat and pills. So, come check,” Karenshak said.

Prior to Major League Baseball’s 2021 campaign on adhesives, Karinczak was one of baseball’s best painkillers. But after the judges began more thorough inspections last summer, Karinchak’s turnover rates plummeted, his performance escalated, and he was eventually demoted to Triple A.

Karinczak returned to the major leagues in July and became dominant again, carrying a 24 2/3 round streak in Friday’s competition.

“Honestly, I notice every jug is using[prohibited substances]but what can you do?” shortstop twins Carlos Correa He said. “I think it’s part of the game. I’d rather have them have a good grip than hit me in the head because they don’t.

“If you start watching this a lot, you won’t have players playing their part in games. Last year I felt they enforced the rule a little more. This year, it’s different. I’m just trying to take a good approach even if their turnover rates are higher. Just Try your best to hit her.”

Apparently just trying wasn’t good enough for twins manager Rocco Baldele. He ordered a TSA-worthy check with a guy at the start and one at the bottom of the eighth inning and the late twins 7-4.

After 2-2 pitch to Louis Araz spoiled, Karenshak’s twelfth step of the inning, Baldeley emerged from the bunker of the house and asked board umpire and crew chief Ted Barrett to check on the right hand, who touched his hair four separate times before falling back on the rubber.

“I have an obligation to our players and our team to do what I think is right,” Baldeli said. “And I think it was difficult for me and our group as a whole to watch the bowler do the things he does on the hill, in a very straightforward way to try and change some things it seems. The last thing on earth I want to do is go to the field and ask to check the player… .

“I don’t think I had much choice.”

Barrett said umpires usually check the belt, gauntlet, and toe whenever a sire takes late turns the pile. After Baldeley made his request, Barrett walked up the hill and checked Karenczak’s belt and hat and ran his fingers through his hair for foreign matter, surely a career highlight of the 57-year-old referee.

“(Baldley) said the guy was going towards the back of his hair at every stadium,” Barrett said. “He suspected he had something. On the lockers we check the belt and both hands. But I didn’t have a manager’s request to check their hair this year.

“I didn’t find anything.”

“There has to be punishment for being wrong,” Quantrell said. “You basically want to call a timeout, and you want to freeze kicks halfway between the inning — there has to be punishment for being wrong. He was wrong today.”

Karinchak may not have the option to use such an involved routine next season, as the league has approved new pace-of-play initiatives that require a pitcher to throw the field within 15 seconds with the bases remaining empty and 20 seconds with a sprinter on board.

The hair check was the dominant plot line from a weird night at Target Field. Oscar Gonzalez Husband slapped from the house running away Dylan Bundy To guide Cleveland to a 7-0 advantage, but the Guardians’ shaky defense helped ignite the Twins’ horde.

Oscar Gonzalez celebrates in the fifth round at home with Josh Naylor. (Bruce Kluckhon/USA Today)

Quantrell made his way through five heavy rounds of traffic. The Guardians’ Bullpen, the league’s best player since the All-Star break (their entry was 2.01 ERA weekend light years ahead of second place Dodgers2.68 ERA), avoiding crashing with difficulty. Five Pitches After Karenshak’s ordeal, Correa crushed Homer in two stages to the left of center to trim Cleveland’s lead by one.

“I think it kicked him out a little bit,” Correa said. “We managed to score some kicks there.”

But not enough.

Karenchak’s first step to Jose Miranda I take a beating, 94 mph up and in. Miranda later responded by tearing up the fast ball to double into the left field corner but was left stuck when Nick Gordon Popped in to finish the inning.

Emmanuel Class He recovered from Wednesday’s outing, making his first blow in only four months, to retire the twins in ninth place and make the hair test moot.

Those teams still have seven meetings over the next week and a half, with the AL Central title hanging in the balance. With the loss, the twins slipped to third for the first time since April 22.

Cleveland has a 1/2-game lead over white socks 2 1/2 game is offered to twins. They’ve also come close to securing a tiebreak with both teams, which this year was decided by live scores, instead of match number 163. The Guardians are 9-6 against the White Sox, and after winning Friday night, they’ve moved on to 7-5 against the Twins .

When Terry Francona was asked if a match like this would increase the coach’s lifespan, he paused for a moment and then replied, “You know? I think I’m getting old on a good day. So, I’d say yes, more than usual.”

(Top photo of Referee Ted Barrett checking the hair of relaxed Cleveland Guardians pitcher James Karenshak for illegal substances: Abby Barr/Associated Press)

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