The tenth week of Fall’s Tarts: University football needs a little payment

Help, I lose control of my country’s working hours today more than usual!

Does anyone remember that song?

Well, it certainly seems that Minnesota This coach BG Felk. Specifically, the lines “If you drop it? Just pick it up!”

Yes, this is the PJ FLECK to fall out of his mouth on the sidelines, then pick it up and continue to chew it.

Still good!

Missouri He made a strange decision to extend the contract of coach Eli Dreinkwitz recently. He did his first appearance in a long time against a person who fell, but he is still dangerous Kentucky Previous week. With 2:25 to play, its tigers are set to restore the ball 21-17.

Better, that Kentucky fired to jump and went the ball over the head of the gambler! However, this was not a Witber state. Colin Godfello played a good and fun game to pick up the ball and wrap and throw it. This was still 30-40 good yards behind the fighting line, so it was still very bad for Kentucky.


Men who were chasing Mizou never expected a kick, and they entered Godfello at the utmost speed while kicking it.

It doesn’t matter if he is 40 yards in the background, it is still difficult!

This would mainly decide the game.

Illinois During the second quarter of their career towards the Big Ten West crown against Michigan StateBut it reached the end of the first half by two points.

It’s time to focus and re -assemble.


This man’s back is turned around, then makes what is believed to be a fair capture signal before going out. It was not taken in this video, but the official later confirmed that this was an unforgiving, hunting signal, which is a completely new type of special teams that shook me.

You know what a new type of the special team disaster for me?

Eilene, gambler Hugh Robertson, was not a stranger to my dirty lists this year. The wind was definitely, but Prace Brengger was also playing in this wind and he did not attack. Travel away before reaching the back compared to the beautiful NFL dolphinsIt does not affect it as a satisfactory spot, but Buttpunt is buttpunt.

Spartan Mail Taker’s defense rescued him from the most absurd week of the week for those who keep the result. Upon climbing 8 and driving deep into the Eleni area with the ball and less than two minutes from the end of the match, the MSU called for a pass to the third, which fell incomplete, and kept about a minute and 15 seconds with Ellenie outside the captains. Inevitably, the field goal was lost and Illinois had another chance of a draw. They could not get money from MSU 27, but Michigan was spending 2015 Mike Riley hours in Champin.

Big Ten team in Chicago We had to adventure outside the city’s border in Saturday’s match, and the fans did not welcome visitors gently. Overland noise from Ohio State Fans caused this wrong start:

It is always a road game.

The only thing that the fans can unite Baylor And the Oklahoma The end of this week was their contempt for the quality of broadcasting production. Here we see the first interesting projection.

As much as I can say, it’s the third and 100 * x / 21 – 1.2 as x is the horizontal distance from the left retail.

The Brian Fervez will run the play extending to the right side here.

Bordeaux I really need a game at home after dismantling WisconsinAnd they had to have an opportunity against Yes Which they have defeated in the past few years. However, things started … fateful.

The private kettle was disrupted in the middle of the field, and Iowa was prevented from running across the field and then she had to push it away.

As it turned out, Bordeaux will have many problems in moving under the field.

This is a clip from a great play for the first time Mississippi. Listen to the broadcast:

“2 and 10. Headed potatoes.”

What can you also say about Mike Litch at this stage?

Last week, the winner was overwhelmed by the Division 3, who toppled the goal before the match

Who will take the crown this time?


Tart week!

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    The elite for recycling

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  • 11 %

    Mizu saves Kentucky

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  • 1%

    An inappropriate hunting signal

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  • 9%

    Hugh Robertson in some way has the worst bet per year in the donkey

    (7 votes)

  • 1%

    Nern gets nern’d

    (1 vote)

  • 10 %

    The third and the linear

    (8 votes)

  • 48%

    Purdue collapse before Purdue collapsed

    (37 votes)

  • 10 %

    We do not need chairs

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