The Internet is making fun of Kirk Cousins ​​for the car winning game

The Internet is making fun of Kirk Cousins ​​for the car winning gameDown with New Orleans Saints28-25, in London thanks to the Cousins’ fourth quarterback, a game-winning field goal by Greg Joseph, and a 61-yard field goal from Saints Kicker Will Lutz, which would have sent the game over to late.

Overall, Cousins ​​was responsible for 272 yards, touchdowns, interceptions and a performance late in the game. The latter is usually a trait that the naysayers of the cousins ​​demand more from him.

However, the Internet did its job, blaming Cousins ​​for coming back in rather creative ways.

Drew Magarry described the victory as “unimpressive”.

Joan Hassell gave credit to Justin Jefferson, not Cousins, for this victory.

Damon Amendola joked about the nature of the game in false prime times.

BetMGM used an old clip to have a little fun.

The Caesars Sportbook also had jokes.

Ben Isaac also gave glory to Jefferson.

The Voice of the Saints believed that the Cousins ​​would stumble.

Blame all things on the Minnesota quarterback.

Cousins ​​seems humble, while Jefferson is not.

Jake Ciely claims that Cousins ​​rely on penalties to achieve success.

Expect a team without James Winston, Alvin Camara and Michael Thomas to lose here.

Zach Harper poked fun at Cousins ​​against Dalton.

FanDuel joked that the Vikings gambler was better than Cousins.

Jeff Cox tweeted that Cousins’ game is not good.

A couple of opinions detailing the gambler as a bystander superior to cousins.

And something strange.

Finally, a familiar story.

The Vikings are ranked No. 2 in the NFC and will host the Green Bay Packers if the playoffs start today. Game-winning driving has been 21 Cousins ​​since becoming a full-time starter in 2015 — the fourth most in the NFL during the time frame.

The Cousins ​​and the Vikings host the Chicago Bears on Sunday and are the favorites with seven points a game.

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