The children of Green Bay asked a NASA astronaut about space. Here’s what you need to know

NASA astronaut Mark Vandy He speaks to students at McAuliffe Elementary School in Bellevue on Monday.

Bellevue – How did it feel to land back on Earth? What is your favorite space food? Do you sleep in space?

These were the burning questions a group of students at McAuliffe Elementary School in the Green Bay School District had to ask NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hee when he visited them on Monday.

Vande Hei returned in March from the longest US spaceflight on the International Space Station, totaling 355 days. He has traveled to the stars twice, with his first voyage taking 168 days in 2018.

As the cousin of a speech-language pathologist at Bellevue Elementary School, Vande Hei gave McAuliffe students an inside perspective on life in space while asking him about anything and everything they wanted to know.

Vande Hee, a retired Army colonel, joined NASA as an astronaut in 2009 after serving in Iraq as a combat engineer and physics professor at the US Military Academy at West Point.

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