Taxi Fountas will not travel with DC United amid investigation

Fontas Taxi, which is under investigation in the MLS He allegedly used racial slurs On Thursday, club officials said, in DC United’s last game, they will not travel with the club to Montreal for Saturday’s game.

Fontas has taken a leave of absence after completing the task of the Greek national team this week. Coach Wayne Rooney said players usually return from such assignments immediately, but Fontas will remain in Greece until the end of the week.

“It’s a serious situation, and he’s struggling a bit mentally,” Rooney said. “The most important thing now is to give him time to be with his family, and we are waiting for the outcome of the investigation.”

Inter Miami Fontas, who is white, was accused of using the n-word during a confrontation with Damion Lowe, who is black, during the second half of their Sept. 18 game at Audi Field. After Miami threatened to leave the field if Fontas remained in the match, Rooney replaced him.

Taxi Fountas denies using racist slurs in DC United’s loss

The league investigation included interviews with many of the participants, including Fountas, United’s top scorer and just an All-Star. Rooney said he has not been contacted by MLS. A spokesman for the association said on Thursday that an investigation was underway but did not specify a timetable for a ruling.

Fontas, who joined United earlier this season, denied the accusations In an Instagram post.

“This vile racist slur is one I denounce and have not used,” he wrote. “We had a heated discussion in the field. But I did not racially assault anyone. I strongly reject racism in any form. It is despicable.”

Referee Ismail Al-Fateh told a billiards reporter that no match officials had heard racist or offensive language and that nothing was discovered by reviewing the video.

“Taxi is adamant he didn’t say the words he was accused of,” Rooney said. “It was very difficult for him and his family, to see things on the Internet and to be subjected to a lot of abuse.”

Club officials said his wife and son left the capital region and joined him in Greece last week.

After the Montreal trip, United (7-19-6) will wrap up the season October 9 at home against FC Cincinnati.

Regardless of the state of the investigation, United urged Fontas (12 goals, 3 assists in 21 games) to return to the United States soon.

This is not the first incident of its kind in MLS. last year, a The investigation cannot confirm or refute the allegations That Franco Fragabani of Minnesota directed racially offensive and degrading language against Diego Chara of Portland.

League rules require players to complete nondiscrimination and anti-harassment training at each stage before the start of the season. MLS said players who arrive after the season has started, such as Fountas, are required to undergo training immediately.

defender Andy Carpenter He will miss the rest of the season due to a hamstring injury he sustained while on duty for the Honduran national team. He played 62 minutes in the 3-0 defeat to Argentina last Friday in Miami Gardens, Florida, and missed Tuesday’s 2-1 win over Guatemala in Houston.

Najjar, who marred his career with injuries, has appeared in 23 matches (20 start) this season.

Icelandic midfielder Viktor Palsson, DC’s third player in international service, will return to reconnect with United in Montreal on Friday after starting against Venezuela and Albania.

It remains unclear whether long-time goalkeeper Bel Hamid will play at the end of the season, which will likely mark his farewell from the club that started his career in 2009 at the age of 18.

Rooney said Hamid, whose contract expires this winter, has trained with United once since Rooney became coach on July 31. Hamid underwent hand surgery in late June and was not included in the injury report for several weeks. This month, Hamid announced on social media that he will be taking a moment to spend time with his son, who was born on September 21.

Rooney said two weeks ago that he would like to play Hamid in front of the team’s fans for the last time. (The club does not plan to re-sign it.)

“I hope he comes next week,” Rooney said. “As a club we want to do the right thing and get him a few minutes, but he needs to train because it’s been a few weeks now.”

Rooney sees opportunities for young players

With the playoffs long out of reach, Rooney plans to continue providing minutes for younger players. He said junior midfielder Ted Coe DePetro, who impressed him at second-tier club Loudon United, would travel to Montreal.

Other players to have made the trip include two local signings – midfielder Jackson Hopkins, 18, and defender Matai Akinmboni, 15, likely homegrown striker Christian Fletcher, 17, in uniform against Cincinnati, and Gavin Turner, a forward of . 15 years old at United. The academy, you may receive a summons to the final, Rooney said.

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