An excessively bear market gives us an opportunity to add to our high-quality technical inventory

We are buying 25 shares of Microsoft (MSFT) at $240 each. After trading Thursday, the Jim Cramer Charitable Trust will own 375 shares of MSFT, increasing its weight in the portfolio to 3.26% from 3.05%. Microsoft’s purchase will put a small amount of cash to work Thursday after the declines the Federal Reserve paid for … Read more

Online storefronts should be AI powered by default | E-commerce strategy retail customer experience

With the right knowledge, strategy, and tools, creating a seamless user experience powered by AI is within reach of retailers of any size. Today, e-commerce is very active in using artificial intelligence to create smooth, engaging and efficient experiences for its users. This industry is at the fore in cutting-edge technology and does a lot … Read more

Where Walmart, Amazon and Target Spend Billions in a Slowing Economy

A Walmart employee loads a robotic warehouse tool into an empty cart to be filled with an online customer order at the small Walmart Fulfillment Center in Salem, Massachusetts on January 8, 2020. Boston Globe | Boston Globe | Getty Images When the economy slows, the classic response for consumer firms is to scale back: … Read more

Biden issues another vague call for ‘reform’ Section 230

President Joe Biden speaks before boarding Air Force One at Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio, Friday, September 9, 2022, after attending the opening of Intel’s new computer chip facility in New Albany, Ohio.picture: Manuel Palcy Cineta (AP) Since taking over the White House in November 2020, President Joe Biden has made repeated calls to … Read more

Donating late son’s equipment brings solace to mother | Health, medicine and fitness

By Jimmy Stingel, Associated Press DALLAS (Associated Press) — After the severely disabled son of Itza Pantoga died at the age of 16, she made it her mission to ensure that wheelchairs, beds and other equipment and supplies that helped him reach people in need. Pantoja’s long struggle to find an organization to take the … Read more

Record heat wave puts California in the dilemma of fossil fuels

Sacramento, California (AP) – A record heat wave has put California in a fossil fuel dilemma: The state has had to rely more on natural gas to produce electricity and avoid blackouts as Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration moves toward ending oil and gas use. The heatwave that began more than a week ago was hotter … Read more