Home health and nursing homes look for end-of-year vacations in spending deal

Long-term and home health care providers are ramping up their pleas for financial relief in a year-end Congress spending deal, testing their impact against other health interests trying to put favorable provisions into a law that must pass. why does it matter: controversy Health care ‘extensioners’ It is an annual weather, but there are greater … Read more

On government spending, Congress decides not to make a decision

Congress is supposed to complete annual appropriations bills before the fiscal year begins on October 1. But it rarely happens, and this year is no different, as lawmakers scramble to pass a short-term funding bill so they can delay the final project. Decisions until at least December. Meanwhile, focusing on the midterm elections, House Republicans … Read more

Medicare Original vs Medicare Benefit: What’s the Difference?

Sponsored: People 65 and older can choose between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage, but how are the two plans different? (University of Utah Health Plans) | Medicare Original vs Medicare Benefit: What’s the Difference? By Elainna Ciaramella | For U of U . health plans | September 15, 2022, 5:15 pm If you are 65 … Read more