An increase in Venezuelan immigration is felt across the United States | Health, medicine and fitness

By Acacia Coronado and Gisela Salomon – The Associated Press Eagle Pass, Texas (AP) – It cost Nerio two months and all he had to get him from Venezuela to the United States, traveling mainly on foot and watching exhausted immigrants being assaulted or left to die. Likes An increasing number of Venezuelans, Nerio made … Read more

Rhode Island Governor Macky narrowly wins the Democratic primary

By Jennifer McDermott – The Associated Press PROVIDENCE, RI (AP) – Rhode Island Governor Dan Mackie clinched a victory in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, defeating tough challenges from a pair of opponents as he ran for a win. First full term in office. Maki, a former deputy governor who became the state’s chief executive … Read more

Donating late son’s equipment brings solace to mother | Health, medicine and fitness

By Jimmy Stingel, Associated Press DALLAS (Associated Press) — After the severely disabled son of Itza Pantoga died at the age of 16, she made it her mission to ensure that wheelchairs, beds and other equipment and supplies that helped him reach people in need. Pantoja’s long struggle to find an organization to take the … Read more