Children with disabilities face school suspensions

The phone call from her son’s school was troubling. The assistant principal told her to come to school immediately. But when Lisa Manuel arrived at Pioneer Middle School in Plymouth, Michigan, her son wasn’t sick or injured. He was sitting quietly in the principal’s office. John, who has ADHD and finds it comfortable to tire … Read more

Dolores May Krajicek Little Pink, Ph.D. | obituary

Dolores Mae Krajicek was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on February 19, 1932. Her mother was Mary Ann (née Steinho), her father was Charles Krajicek, and her younger sister was Kathleen Rhea. Dolores attended Catholic Elementary School, then Southern High School in Omaha, and received scholarships to complete her BA at Duchesne College in Omaha. She … Read more

New microfluidic device mimics the exchange of nutrients between mother and fetus infected with placental malaria

placental malaria as a result Plasmodium falciparum The infection can lead to serious complications for both the mother and the baby. Placental malaria causes approximately 200,000 newborn deaths each year, mainly due to low birth weight, as well as 10,000 maternal deaths. Placental malaria is caused by red blood cells infected with parasites that attach … Read more

What Parent PLUS Borrowers Need to Know About Student Loan Forgiveness

Vinart Studio | istock | Getty Images President Joe Biden’s announcement last month that he would allow up to $20,000 in student debt to borrowers will also affect the millions of parents who have borrowed to educate their children. Debt cancellation applies to the so-called MOM PLUS Loans, federal loans that parents can get to … Read more

Learn to navigate the next generation’s institutional markets

Petite ‘n Pretty aims to have its lifestyle product line more accurately reflect youth … [+] consumer. GT Young people today are thinking about their future earlier than ever. Gone are the days of “I’ll find out about my major before I graduate.” Instead, these are the days of lemonade kiosks turning into business plans, … Read more