Ukraine seems to be showing its ability to strike deep into Russia

It was reported that a third Russian airport was hit by a drone strike Ukrainian Zelensky meets troops near the Eastern Front Oil price ceiling gives G7 leverage over Russia – US official US lawmakers approve an additional $800 million to defend Ukraine (Reuters) – A third Russian air base was set ablaze by a … Read more

The G7 begins to put pressure on Russia over Ukraine by capping oil prices

Russia says it will not export oil subject to the cap Zelensky says the price cap will do little to deter Russia Ukrainian regions resort to scheduled power outages Ukrainian forces occupy positions along the Zelensky front line Russia says the forces are carrying out successful operations in Bakhmut Kyiv (Reuters) – A cap on … Read more

“We are not your enemies,” said South Korean truck drivers who are on strike to protect the minimum wage

AUWANG, South Korea, Dec. 5 (Reuters) – Inside five white tents outside the Uwang Container Depot near Seoul, about 200 striking truck drivers are huddled around gas heaters, trying to beat the bitter cold and the government says they are well-paid. “The labor aristocracy…” They are all fully aware of the impact their strike has … Read more

Taiwanese company Foxconn is slowly validating the iPhone detox

HONG KONG, Dec. 1 (Reuters) – Covid-19 lockdowns and protests across China have highlighted the dangers of interdependence between Taiwan’s Foxconn and its major customer Apple. (AAPL.O). Even before recent supply chain disruptions and violent protests disrupted production in the People’s Republic of China, the Cupertino giant had been hedging its exposure to Foxconn. The … Read more

Coronavirus protests escalated in Guangzhou as China’s lockdown anger boiled over

SHANGHAI/BEIJING (Reuters) – People in Guangzhou, China’s manufacturing hub, clashed with white riot police wearing hazmat protective gear on Tuesday night, videos on social media showed, as frustration with strict COVID-19 rules boiled over. 19 three years later. epidemic. Clashes in the southern city constituted an escalation of protests In the commercial center of Shanghai, … Read more

Canada launches new Indo-Pacific strategy, focused on ‘disruptive’ China

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada on Sunday launched its long-awaited Indo-Pacific strategy, pledging more resources to deal with a “troubled” China as it works with the world’s second-biggest economy on climate change and trade issues. The 26-page document outlined spending of C$2.6 billion ($1.9 billion), including to strengthen Canada’s military presence and cyber security in the … Read more

Ukraine remembers the Stalin-era famine as war rages on in Russia

Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine accused the Kremlin on Saturday of reviving Joseph Stalin’s “genocidal” methods, as Kyiv commemorated a Soviet-era famine that killed millions of Ukrainians in the winter of 1932-33. Holodomor Remembrance Day comes as Ukraine struggles to fend off invading Russian forces and deal with power outages caused by air strikes that Kyiv … Read more

Two explosions in Jerusalem killed one person in a suspected Palestinian attack

At least 14 were injured in two explosions at two bus stations Hamas praises the attack and does not claim responsibility The explosions are reminiscent of the 2000-05 bus bombings JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Two bombs exploded at bus stops on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Wednesday, killing a 16-year-old boy and wounding at least 14 … Read more

Ukrainians are preparing for a bleak winter as Russian strikes disrupt energy capacity

Ukrainians with little or no warming up after the bombing Temperatures in several areas are already below freezing Kherson residents receive an offer to evacuate to safer areas Ukrainian security forces raid the famous Kyiv Monastery Kyiv (Reuters) – President Volodymyr Zelensky pleaded with Ukrainians to conserve energy amid relentless Russian strikes that have halved … Read more

A Dutch court sentenced three to life in prison for shooting down an MH17 in Ukraine in 2014

The crash killed 298 passengers and crew The court ruled that a Russian missile shot down the plane Convicted men are on the run, it is believed in Russia AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch judges have convicted in absentia two Russians and a Ukrainian of murder for their roles in the 2014 downing of Flight MH17 … Read more