Analysis: Underwater: How the Bank of England has delivered a lifeblood to the markets

Bank of England bought bonds after pension fund pleas Some UK pension funds have faced problematic margin calls BoE support is seen as giving an opportunity to build collateral The British government’s unfunded tax plan scared the markets LONDON/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Calls from the Bank of England began on Monday saying some British pension … Read more

Will California Mortgage and Credit Card Rates Go Up Again?

A man rides a bicycle in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday. Markets are watching the path of interest rates closely, as the Federal Reserve announced another increase. (AP Photo/Peter Morgan) Peter Morgan AP When will this spike in mortgage and credit card interest rates end? Maybe early next year. But not … Read more

No deal reached yet as Kaiser mental health workers’ strike reaches one month – NBC Bay Area

Thursday marks a month since more than 2,000 mental health care workers at Kaiser Permanente went on strike to demand more staff and better access to care for patients who sometimes have to wait months for treatment appointments. The National Federation of Health Care Workers said in a statement that Kaiser declined to consider their … Read more

The Queen Elizabeth family rushes to the side of the ailing king

Register now to get free unlimited access to Register Doctors say the Queen, 96, is under medical supervision Heir to the throne Prince Charles with the Queen Family members go to Balmoral Castle BALMORAL, Scotland (Reuters) – Family members rushed to be with Queen Elizabeth after doctors said they were concerned about the health … Read more

Record heat wave puts California in the dilemma of fossil fuels

Sacramento, California (AP) – A record heat wave has put California in a fossil fuel dilemma: The state has had to rely more on natural gas to produce electricity and avoid blackouts as Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration moves toward ending oil and gas use. The heatwave that began more than a week ago was hotter … Read more