New payment rules will likely affect digital health and telemedicine

On November 1, 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the final rule for the 2023 Physician Fee Schedule. PFS publishes CMS annually for changes in federal Medicare compensation policy and policy. PFS changes often extend to the private sector, with private payers typically consulting PFS when evaluating their payments and policy … Read more

China fines former NBA star Lin for his quarantine comments

Beijing – Former NBA star Jeremy Lin, who plays for a Chinese team, has been fined 10,000 yuan ($1,400) for criticizing quarantine facilities, ChinaThe professional league and a news report said on Friday, as the government tries to stem protests against anti-virus controls that are among the world’s strictest. Also on Friday, more cities eased … Read more

A less risky path to entrepreneurial success

opinions expressed Entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. by: Davis Smith And the Trenton Smith Most startups fail. According to the 2019 Startup Genome Report, 92% of startups fail. Surprisingly, only 4% of companies in the United States exceed $1 million in annual revenue, and only 0.6% reach $10 million in revenue, to me US Census Bureau. … Read more

China launches 3 astronauts to a new space station

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news of amazing discoveries, scientific advances, and more. CNN – Three astronauts blasted off to China’s nearing completion space station on Tuesday, marking the beginning of the country’s long-term presence in space. It’s a major achievement for China’s ambitious space program, which has … Read more

A BBC journalist has been “beaten and kicked by the police” as protests spread across China

CNN Business – BBC journalist Edward Lawrence was arrested by police in Shanghai at the scene of Sunday night’s protests, according to the BBC, as captured in what appears to be cellphone footage of the arrest. While he has since been released, a BBC spokesperson expressed grave concern about his treatment, saying he had been … Read more

After 14 years, NATO is set to renew its commitment to Ukraine

Bucharest (AFP) – NATO returns to the scene on Tuesday of one of its most contentious decisions, determined to repeat its pledge that Ukraine – now reeling through its tenth month of war against Russia – will one day join the world’s largest military alliance. NATO foreign ministers will meet for two days at the … Read more

China markets fall as protests over Covid lockdowns break out

Hong Kong CNN Business – China Major stock indices and their currencies opened sharply lower on Monday, as well widespread protests against the country’s strict Covid-19 restrictions over the weekend, dampening investor sentiment. Hang Seng in Hong Kong (HSI) index It fell as much as 4.2% in early trade. It has since pared some losses … Read more

Cuba’s informal market is finding new space on the growing internet

HAVANA (AP) — In our Telegram group chat, messages roll in like waves. “I need ibuprofen and liquid acetaminophen, please,” one user wrote. “It’s urgent, it’s for my 10-month-old.” Others offer medicines brought in from outside Cuba, adding, “Write to me in a direct letter.” Lists dotted with emojis offer antibiotics, pregnancy tests, vitamins, rash … Read more

Sober or bright? Europe faces holidays during the energy crisis

VERONA, Italy (AP) — Early-season merry-makers sipping mulled wine and shopping for holiday decorations crowded Verona’s Christmas market on opening weekend. But beyond its wooden market stalls, the Italian city still hasn’t augmented its granite-lined pedestrian streets with twinkling lights for the holidays while officials debate how bright the season will be during an energy … Read more

The fire plan will cut down 2.4 million trees in New Jersey’s Pinelands

Bass River Township, NJ – As many as 2.4 million trees will be cut down as part of a project to prevent major wildfires in a federally protected New Jersey forest that has been declared a unique environmental treasure. New Jersey environmental officials say the plan to kill trees in a section of the Bass … Read more