Supermicro introduces a second-generation NVIDIA® OVX™ computing system for 3D collaboration, Metaverse simulation, and dual digital simulation, powered by the new NVIDIA L40 GPU.

Customers can deploy graphics and simulation enterprise Supermicro servers to build and run Metaverse applications at scale— Systems will support up to 8 NVIDIA L40 and ConnectX GPUs®-7 SmartNICs, current and future CPUs from Intel and AMD

San Jose, California.And the September 22 2022 /PRNewswire/- Super Micro Computer Corporation (SMCI)A global leader in enterprise computing, storage, GPUs, network solutions, and green computing technology, it is expanding its leadership in accelerated computing infrastructure once again by being first in the market with the second generation of NVIDIA® OVX™ systems.

The Supermicro OVX Server is based on the new L40 GPU in a 4U 8GPU server with dual Intel processors, 32 DIMMs, 8TB of memory, 12 PCI-E slots, and up to 24 drive slots. Additional servers using the L40 GPU include a range of systems from Supermicro: 4U 4GPU Mount/Workstation, 2U with up to 6 GPUs, 1U 4GPU, and 2U 2Node multi-node system. All of these systems support NVIDIA L40 PCI-E-based GPUs.

“Supermicro is again leading the industry by being number one in the market with the second generation of OVX server,” he said. Charles LiangPresident and CEO of Supermicro Corporation. “Our most demanding customers need to integrate the fastest CPUs and GPUs for immersive experiences with low latency. Our OVX server is designed to build and run the most complex Omniverse Enterprise applications at scale.”

These new servers provide the leading graphics, artificial intelligence, and network performance needed to build and run immersive 3D virtual worlds. Supermicro’s OVX systems are designed to build and manage NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise applications at the data center scale, combining the most advanced NVIDIA RTX-accelerated graphics and AI capabilities with a secure, high-speed network and enterprise-grade management.

NVIDIA L40 GPUs will be integrated into the current generation of Supermicro, and future generations of systems are based on Intel and AMD platforms. Next-generation Supermicro systems that take advantage of the L40 GPU will include a 4U 8GPU server, a 4U 4GPU server, and 2U and 1U servers and workstations. Each Supermicro OVX server is powered by up to eight NVIDIA® L40 GPUs, delivering the power of the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture to accelerate Omniverse workloads. These systems combine GPUs with three NVIDIA® Connectex®-7 SmartNICs, high performance CPUs and NVMe storage in a unified platform and coming soon. The next generation of AI applications will require a computing platform optimized to create graphically rich and physically accurate virtual worlds. Supermicro OVX systems are ideal to support the continuous development of the industry.

“Supermicro OVX servers are computing systems designed to build and run NVIDIA Omniverse applications on a data center scale,” he said. Kevin ConnorsVice President of OEM Accounts at NVIDIA. “The second generation Supermicro OVX server is optimized to support the creation and playback of realistic 3D models, simulations, and immersive digital twins.”

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