Slavkowski was disappointed that he couldn’t win in his first confinement appearance

Buffalo, New York (AP) – Finishing his competitive debut for the Canadians with a nearly three-minute shift, Montreal’s famous rookie forward Juraj Slavkowski had more than enough energy to take a long run around the ice before heading into the room Dressing up.

Rather than serve up the icy time he had just scored, the first player selected in the NHL draft in July expressed disappointment at failing to make a difference in the 4-3 loss to Buffalo in the opening game for the Six Sabers. Thursday night tournament.

“I wouldn’t say you’re tired because when you have like three minutes left you don’t really feel tired,” Slavkowski said. “You just want to sign up and do whatever it takes, and you don’t care about the time.”

As for his rating, which included a assist, the 18-year-old Slovakian said there was room for improvement.

“I think there have been some twists on my part, and mistakes have been made,” Slavkowski said.

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