Rookie Cowboys Review: Dallas Rookie Mid-Season Team Ranking

The NFL has always been a youngster’s game. One of the reasons NFL Project So heady is a beacon of hope for every team with an influx of young talent. The Cowboys in Dallas It has been very well formulated in recent years. Arguments are made on draft day to get players out of their positions and/or too early, but then those analysts have to retract their opinions when said players perform above expectations. Will the Cowboys continue this trend in 2022? Each round has its own score below, based on the performance and seed capital used in each pick, for the first half of the season so far.

round 1

Tyler Smith

This was an exciting choice when he first came. The Cowboys Nation have been screaming all season for a shiny new offensive lineman, and they’ve got one. Smith wasn’t the one everyone expected, but he was easily one of the best running blockers in the draft class. Fast forward to boot camp, more specifically end of camp, and Tyron Smith is out for most of the season. The Cowboys panicked again, but wait. Tyler Smith was put into the left tackle position and the results were very good.

So far Smith has allowed 16 presses, which is less allowed than his other budding teammates like Kenyon Green, Zion Johnson, Ed Ingram, Luke Guedick and the same number as Evan Neal. On top of what Smith accomplished, he was able to do all of this while learning on the job. He had no hits on the left tackle in camp, rehearsed a bit on the starting offensive line, and was pushed at the last minute into the turn with plenty of pressure to get results. Tyler Smith has done well so far, and his foundation in his career is solid and impressive.

Grade: A-

Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys

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Round 2

Sam Williams

monster bag of Ole Miss He was put through his paces in the draft process, mostly by the Cowboys’ Dan Quinn. It was clear that the Cowboys wanted a new striker against DeMarcus Lawrence, and it was also clear that they wanted this guy to be Williams. Another great blow for the coaches and scouting team, as Williams had his exit vs. Detroit LionsShow strength and raw aggressiveness. In that one match, in 14 shots, he finished three tackles, two tackles, a forced trip, and one trip. More like a stat line you’d see from a seasoned veteran.

Grade: A-

Detroit Lions vs Dallas Cowboys

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Round 3

Galen Tolbert

We saw a little Tolbert last week, and it’s easy to see why he’s been left off the list every week. Expectations were high for Tolbert, and when James Washington came out during camp, the pressure on Tolbert was higher than ever. Most people would be more frustrated with Tolbert’s lack of development and use had it not been for the sudden breakthrough by Noah Brown. With Washington nearing a comeback, it looks like the bullish receiver in South Alabama is ready to drop the depth chart even more, and needs to figure out a way to wake up quickly.

Grade: F.

Round 4

Jake Ferguson

Once that selection was made, Dalton Schultz had to wonder what his 2023 contract would look like. The 12 line-ups Keelen Moore has recently adopted have certainly taken out Ferguson, and those concerns that Schultz had after the selection will come to light after the last two games. Ferguson has been riding two touchdowns in the last three games, his shot count is more consistent, and you wonder how he’s going to take care of off-season in the gym.

Grade: B +

Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys

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Round 5

Matt Waltzko

Daron Bland

Damon Clark

It was a shame to lose Waltzko before he had a chance to get out there. His promise seemed intriguing, his body size and athleticism attractive, but all that had to wait.

However, DaRon Bland is one of the teams’ biggest surprises this year. Jourdan Lewis was dispatched to the IR, and Bland became a beacon of light and hope in the hole-corner position. This could mean the end of Lewis in Dallas. This is a testament to how good Bland is, and also the upside of his ability and body type, adding more dimensions to this defense than Lewis. Bland showed a great understanding of road combinations and concepts with his interception early this year, and the hype around him started in the off season.

Damon Clark is the happiest story in Dallas this year. For a man who doesn’t expect to play this year, he’s done rehab and trained hard, with the end result seeing him take over when he left the injured Anthony Barr last week.

(John Ridgway is no longer listed)

B degree

Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys

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Round 6

Devin Harper

He has yet to come out onto the field in defense and is now in IR, but his ability to play special teams and high levels of athletics could come in handy next year with the cutting potential to continue.

Grade: Uncategorized


Marquis Bell

Peyton Hendershot

Owner Davis

By far the best UDFA the Cowboys have used in the most this season is the Hendershot, and his touchdown against the Detroit Lions was a great moment for every Cowboy fan. Davis averages 2.9 yards per carry, after seeing his first real action against the Bears. Bale has seen very limited time, but that’s another testament to this team’s depth of defense, but the fact that he has talent to compete is a great sign of his potential.

With more players waiting in the coaching squad, this UDFA market rookie class compiled by the Cowboys looks attractive for the next phase of the season.

Grade: B +

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

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