Ronel Randolph, a teacher in Kansas City, dies

Ronsha Randolph says of her late father, Ronel Randolph:

“He was a very compassionate person who liked to be around people and loved to help people,” Ronsha Randolph says of her late father, Ronel Randolph.

Randolph family

Roncha Randolph had no fashion design degree or prior industry experience when she decided to start her own clothing line. But what I did was support the father.

Ronel Randolph made sure to be the driving force behind his daughter’s creativity and provided not only material but emotional.

“He always told me to go on with my dreams. He was very supportive when I started my clothing line,” his daughter says. “I will miss everything about him. I wasn’t just his daughter, he was my friend. My opinion was really important to him.”

Randolph, a father of three, died on November 1, at the age of 52, in a car accident. While the family is still waiting for the coroner’s report on the cause of death, his daughter believes her father may have had an epileptic seizure behind the wheel.

Many will remember him as a solid foundation for encouragement. Randolph worked in the mental health field as a direct support specialist for many years, a job that was dear to his heart.

“He was a very compassionate person who loved being around people and loved helping people,” says his 32-year-old daughter. She said he loved helping people with mental health issues and helping them on their way to recovery. Although it was an exhausting task the family tried to force him to walk away from, Randolph’s call was too strong.

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Ronel Randolph died on November 1st in a car accident. He was 52 years old. Randolph family

Randolph, a native of Kansas City and a graduate of Central High School, has always maintained close ties to the community. He was known across the city for his love of the two-step dance style.

According to his daughter, the two-step community lost one of its brightest stars, the life of the party that ensured everyone had a good time. He was not only a lover of dancing, but also a coach.

“He loved Two Steppers. He’s been doing it for years. He won a lot of Two Step competitions, and got so many compliments in the city. He enjoyed teaching the classes and new people too. He taught at his home. He was really well known in that circle”, as you say.

As the loss was so sudden and unexpected, his family was still shaken.

“We handled it really badly. Nobody saw any of this coming. It’s tough because he’s always been so old in the family, and it’s been really important to him. His daughter said he just wanted to watch his grandchildren grow up.”

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“He was a wonderful father and a wonderful father. He was a mentor to the young people and the people who knew him. Daughter Roncha Randolph says of her father, Ronel Randolph: He always wanted to be a good person. Randolph family

She says Randolph’s tough upbringing made him someone who wanted to always be by his children’s side. She remembers her many conversations with her father that were filled with reassurance and inspiration to pursue her dreams.

“He was a great dad and a great dad. He was a mentor to young people and the people who knew him. He always just wanted to be a good person,” she says.

Many people have posted messages of condolence and shock.

“The idea of ​​not having long conversations about life, love, and relationships. The idea of ​​never dancing with you again. The abundance of positivity that I spoke of in my life and my work. You knew my business would thrive even when I didn’t.”

“Ronel Randolph, you were one of the coldest people who ever did!”

“Although you are not here physically anymore, a part of you still lives in everyone here. Grateful for the time, advice, and insight you shared.”

On November 6 at the Pet’s Lounge, the family honored Randolph’s memory with an evening filled with two steps and many happy times on the dance floor with a beloved friend and family member.

Other remembrances

Ronald Marx Sr.,
Ronald Marks, the father and youth coach, passed away on October 28. He was 68 years old. Marx family

Ronald Marx Sr.

Ronald Marks, the father and youth coach, passed away on October 28. He was 68 years old.

Marks was born on July 17, 1954 in Kansas City, Kansas to Fred Marks Sr and Robbie Spencer Marks. Marx was raised in the church from an early age and remained involved for years to come. He spent his early years teaching in Kansas City, the Kansas Public Schools District, eventually graduating from Argentine High School in 1972.

Marx joined the Marine Corps and served for the next four years, receiving the National Defense Medal and Rifle Badge. After he was discharged in 1975, Marks attended Los Angeles Harbor Junior College in San Pedro, where he received an associate’s degree in automotive technology.

He married in 1974 Karen Marshall Marks, who bore him three children, and they spent the next 32 years together.

He began his long career in escort, first for the United States Postal Service, but also for several companies, such as Truman Medical Center and Wyandotte High School, where he was the chief night watchman for 12 years. He retired in 2021 and had time to relax and focus on his passions, such as coaching.

He coached several sports teams, such as football, baseball and girls’ basketball. This work with young people made him a much respected teacher.

Marx was a lifelong sports fan, cheering the royal family and the main. He would watch matches with his children and grandchildren and pass on his passion for sports.

Marks is survived by his ex-wife, Karen Marks; and daughters Rhonda Granger, Talisha Smith and Rowena Marks; his son, Ronald Marx Jr.; sisters Beverly Holmes Mitchell, Carol Brown, Ruth Easterwood, Alice Spears, and Shirley Marks; And three brothers are Arthur Marx, Robert Marx and Philip Marx. He also left many grandchildren, cousins, nieces, nephews, and other relatives and friends.

shri board
Shari Burd, a military veteran and mother, died on October 28. She was 58 years old. Majlis family

shri board

Shari Burd, a military veteran and mother, died on October 28. She was 58 years old.

Council was born on September 4, 1964, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, to Marshall and Bette Davis. The family moved to Kansas City when she was young, and the children graduated from Hickman Mills High School.

She attended the prestigious US Military Academy at West Point, New York. There she gained a love of service and education, using her singing talents in the school’s gospel choir. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a foreign language, she enlisted in the military for the next three years and earned Army service and an Overseas Bar. She obtained the rank of first lieutenant and worked as an officer in the military police.

In 1989 she married Philip Burd. They have been married for five years and have two children together.

Burd has been with the church since the age of seven, singing in many gospel choirs and enjoying many genres of music. She was also known for her love of reading and learning new things. She was polyglot, fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.

She survived her father, Marshal Davis. daughter of Ayana D. Board; Sisters Sherry Enola Mina, Sonia Y Barbie, Jocelyn M. Willis, Shelley Bradford, Toya J. Davies, and Alexandria T. Caldwell; Brother Marshall A. Davis; A friend for life, along with grandchildren, uncles, aunts, nieces, cousins ​​and friends.

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