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Collecting memories over the years, a grandmother created the most precious gift to give to her grandson on his graduation day.

Caroline Rodgers, better known to many in Stevens County as Mrs. Krapemertle, wrote her memoirs and published “Maverick Corley’s First 18 Years” for her grandson Maverick Corley.

Rodgers said she wanted a way to celebrate memorable moments in between visits with her grandson, and in so doing wrote about their lives growing up together.

Rodgers said they live in Duncan and Corley lives in Denver, and she wanted to create some kind of family history book for those 18 years. She said they live far from each other, and she knew visits would be few and far between, so writing about each visit was a treat for her.

“His mother inspired me,” she said.

Rodgers said it all started when she was writing about how she felt inside his baby book after he was born, which then led to writing about every visit they had together, whether in Duncan or Denver.

“What I would do was take a lot of notes and when I left Denver I would come home and put them on my computer,” she said. “If he was here, after he left, I would take notes and write everything down.”

Rodgers shared how she listed every little detail of each of her visits that you might never have remembered otherwise if you hadn’t jotted them down during those times.

“Since I was going to be a far-reaching grandmother, I wanted to capture these special moments until he graduated from high school,” she said.

According to Rodgers, the book contains a lot of family history, but it has also become a love story as well.

“The love a grandmother has for her grandson – no matter how cruel life may be, Maverick has always been able to turn the pages to reveal eternal love and devotion,” she said.

Rodgers shared how the book collects memories from phone calls, called “phone magic,” as well as special times with a new puppy.

“I wrote a letter to his puppy for him to read to his puppy,” she said.

The book brings together memories from Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and summer visits, as well as the different games Corley played, the films they watched together, the meals they had together, sacred texts, letters and more.

“I kept it going, because I thought it was so precious of the book,” she said.

Once Corley realized she was taking notes about their visits to a book, Rodgers said, he would ask her to read him some of their memories from his book.

Rodgers shared how her grandmother inspired her to be the grandmother she always wanted to be.

“You raised the bar very high,” she said. “Not just as a grandmother, but as a human being.”

Rodgers said she always looked forward to being a grandmother, as she was already a great-grandmother to a great-grandmother.

“It is important that we express love in our lives and appreciate the many gifts God has given us,” she said. “Being a grandmother is great.”

Rodgers continued to write her diary and collect notes until 2015 with Corley’s graduation and summer visit.

“The purpose of writing the book is to show the unconditional love that will last beyond my life,” Rodgers said.

She was grateful for help from her granddaughter, Madison Vincent, and Dr. Tom Deegan.

“I couldn’t have posted this without their help,” she said.

Dr. Degan said he loved the idea of ​​Rodgers writing a book for her family.

“Caroline’s idea of ​​producing a book for family members is really unique,” he said. “With modern technology and platforms, it is now affordable and practical for just about anyone. What a wonderful gesture of family devotion and love.”

Rodgers said being able to give this book to the family is a wonderful gift and she is very proud of the book and how she finished it, as well as the fact that everyone is in it.

“Capturing those special moments is incredible,” she said. “There are details you will never remember in a million years, unless you jot them down.”

At the end of the book, Rodgers leaves several inspiring “grandma’s ideas” for her family to look at, such as:

“Life has its ups and downs, but it doesn’t stay that way forever,” Rodgers said. Change is always imminent. We must be strong to transcend the bad, and then appreciate the good while having it.”

“Develop a strong work ethic,” Rodgers said. “Always give more than the employer expects.”

“Be a good listener,” Rodgers said. “You may hear the words, but you have to ‘listen’ to get the real meaning.”

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