‘Risk!’ Tournament of Champions: schedule, results, contestants, watch online, bracket with finals

What is “danger!” A version of the Super Bowl and March Madness rolled into one? The correct answer to this question about America’s most beloved quiz show is Tournament of Champions. Arguably the most anticipated Tournament of Champions in “Jeopardy”! History began airing last month, and is now in the finals.

Season 38 of Jeopardy! A series of superheroes have seen them rack up impressive win streaks and impressive cash totals. A total of 21 contestants—including Amy Schneider, Matt Amodio, and Mattia Roach—compete for the $250,000 first-place prize in Jeopardy. Champions Tournament. Clash of the Giants trivia kicked off Monday, October 31, and now it’s down to the final three players: Schneider, Andrew Hey, and Sam Butry. Amodio and Roche were eliminated in the semi-finals.

So what do you need to know about the upcoming Tournament of Champions? We have the answers, but unfortunately they will come After, after questions.

When is “Danger!” Tournament of Champions?

The 2022 Tournament of Champions will start on October 31 and run until mid-November.

How can I watch “Jeopardy!” Tournament of Champions?

‘Risk!’ Tournament of Champions schedule, results


  • Monday, October 31st: Maureen O’Neill Defeat Ryan Long and Megan Washpress
  • Tuesday 1 November: Andrew He defeat Jonathan Fisher and Kristen Welchel
  • Wednesday 2 November: Tyler Rudd Defeats Brian Chang and Margaret Shelton
  • Thursday, November 3: John Faucht Defeats Courtney Shah and Rowan Ward
  • Friday, November 4th: Eric’s feelings Jaskaran Singh and Jackie Kelly defeated
  • Monday 7 November: Sam Butry Defeats Zach Newkirk and Jessica Stephens


  • Wednesday, November 9: Amy Schneider Defeats Maureen O’Neil and Tyler Roode
  • Thursday 10 November: Sam Butry Defeats Matt Amodio and John Faucht
  • Friday 11th November: Andrew He Defeats Mattia Roach and Eric Ahacic

Finals (first player to achieve three wins is champion)

  • Monday, November 14 (Game 1): Andrew He Defeats Amy Schneider and Sam Battery
  • Tuesday, November 15: The second match
  • Wednesday, November 16: The third match
  • Thursday 17 November: Game 4 (if required)
  • Friday, November 18: Game 5 (if required)
  • Monday 21st November: Match 6 (if required)
  • Tuesday, November 22: Game 7 (if required)

Who are the contestants?

Twenty-one of the best players from the final season of “Jeopardy!” face to face. Schneider, Amodio, and Roche are headlining here, as they’re three of the best guys on “Jeopardy!” Date. The three runners won at least 23 games last season and In the top five in the list of consecutive matches won Along with Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer. Schneider is second behind Jennings with 40 wins. Amodio was the top money-winner of the season, and his $1,518,601 was third all-time behind Jennings and Holzhauer. Roach, at 23 during her winning streak, was the youngest “Jobardy!” Contestant to win 20 consecutive matches.

The contestant field includes five superheroes (who have won more than 10 games), as well as every contestant who has won four or more games since the last tournament in 2020, as well as the winners of the “Jeopardy!” College National Championship and Masters Championship. The contest will also feature the winners of the first-ever Second Chance Contest. Below is a complete list of the contestants, their winning streak length, and their average score.

  • Amy Schneider: 40 wins, average score $34,205
  • Matt Amodio: 38 wins, points average $39,082
  • Mattia Roach: 23 wins, average score $24,024
  • Ryan Long: 16 wins, points average of $17,612
  • Jonathan Fisher: 11 wins, average score of $22,042
  • Brian Chang: 7 wins, points average $23,438
  • Courtney Shah: 7 wins, points average $15,695
  • Eric Ahacic: 6 wins, average score of $25,400
  • Zach Newkirk: 6 wins, points average $18,896
  • Megan Express: 6 wins, points average $9,658
  • Andrew He: 5 wins, average score of $28,627
  • Tyler Roode: 5 wins, average score of $19,417
  • Jackie Kelly: 4 wins, points average $24,060
  • John Fucht: 4 wins: Average points $22,016
  • Margaret Shelton: 4 wins, average score of $15,940
  • Kristen Welchel: 4 wins, points average of $17,640
  • Maureen O’Neal: 4 wins, average score $11,120
  • Sam Buttery: Masters Tournament Champion
  • Jaskaran Singh: “Danger!” National College Championship Champion
  • Jessica Stephens: Second Chance Champion
  • Rowan Ward: Champion of the Second Chance Tournament

‘Risk!’ Championship of Champions form bracket

2022 “Danger!” The Champions Tournament was divided into three rounds:

  • Quarterfinals
  • Semi-finals
  • Finals (best-of-seven series)

Eighteen quarter-finalists squared off in six three-person affairs. The six winners advanced to the semi-finals, with Schneider, Amodio and Roche each starting their tournament after receiving a bye into the quarter-finals. The three semifinalists move on to the final round and go head to head for $250,000.

In the Finals, the first contestant to win three matches will be the winner of the Tournament of Champions, meaning there will be at least three matches in the Finals and there may be as many as seven.

Here’s a bracket for a better visualization of the file March mad Intelligent madness.


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