Richarlison explains why he is one of Brazil’s 200 million

“You are going to leave Bombo Titi laughed. BrazilHis coach had just finished his media duties for the evening, and his espresso cup in hand ran out. “I won’t be able to hug Richarlison? He said disappointedly. The Brazilian match-winner was tied up in anti-doping, waiting for nature’s call.

“I’m trying to pee, it’s hard,” Richarlison said, though he didn’t let time pass.

“I was able to contact us and see how it is,” Richarlison revealed. Neymar Burying his head in his yellow-green jersey to hide the tears after spraining his right ankle, Tite “tricked” him into playing through the pain barrier for another 11 minutes against Serbia. “I told him to put some ice on him,” said Richarlison, as if he were a member of the Brazilian medical staff.

Despite Tite’s confidence, Neymar “will continue to play in world CupPast injuries in this competition are a sore spot in his career and will keep him at the same level.

Richarlison promised to swing by his Westin hotel room before bed. “When I get to the hotel,” he said, “I’ll go see how he’s doing.” Richarlison probably won’t sleep, it’s unlikely that his championship goal-scoring fanfare will fade away a short bus ride from Lucille.

“I think it was a beautiful goal,” he said. “I already scored a goal like that for Fluminense everton. Today I had the opportunity to score an acrobatic goal, perhaps one of the most beautiful goals of my career. It was a tough match so I think it was one of the nicest matches of my career.” Scissor kicks are a Richarlison trademark, after all. He is even single record At a training camp in Turin last week.

“It is the result of practice,” Unique He said in the mixed zone. “It’s not easy to get there and score. It’s the result of his training and the whole group.”

With practice comes mastery. In the first half against Serbia, the score was still 0-0, Richarlison gathered his teammates around him and said something needed to change. “I told them I needed a ball and I arrived, I was ready and I managed to score.”

The first was then Vanja Milinkovic-Savic Poured a shot by Vinicius Jr. The second is something else. Earlier this week, Richarlison’s teammate Pedrothe contender for the role of the Brazilian striker, he said Tottenham Hotspur The striker has an essencia do Brasileiro – the core of the Brazilian. This goal proved it.

On the metro heading to the match, there were fans from all over the world heading to Lusail to watch Brazil. The idea that they are playing football as it should be played with flair and skill remains; Imagination controls.

Wealthy Qataris in Brazil wanted to show their children what football meant. Richarlison’s goal was exactly that, as he credited the Brazilian quintessential look to Pele and Garrincha in 1958.

It started with an outside cross from Vinicius Jr. Richarlison then shocked the ball with his left hand, lifted the ball high in the air, placed his hand on the ground and curled his right foot on it, Capoeira style, and smashed a shot past Milinković-Savic.

As with his first goal, the entire Brazil bench jumped out of the dugout and sprinted towards the corner flag to celebrate with him and the rest of the team.

Even Tete got carried away. “Sometimes feelings can’t be explained,” he said. “It’s feelings.” Dressed in a cobalt blue suit, the 61-year-old wanted to convey “the amount of work behind this goal.”

And he spoke of physiotherapists, who are now working on Neymar, who helped get Richarlison back to fitness after the calf injury he sustained against former club Everton in mid-October.

Richarlison was “afraid” and paranoid that it might disrupt the World Cup. Tete was worried too.

When Gabriel Jesus He was sent off in the 2019 Copa América Final against Peru, potentially jeopardizing Brazil’s chances of winning the tournament, Richarlison came on and scored the match-killing penalty.

He was the leading scorer of the 2020 Olympics when Brazil won the gold and Brazil’s top scorer in 2022. “He’s like a professor (Tite),” Richarlison reminded everyone Thursday night. “Smells like” goals. That is why he is chosen Arsenalin the form of Jesus.

Trying to explain Serbia’s 2-0 defeat, their legendary coach Bexi Stojković said: “We are not Brazilians with 200 million people (to choose from). We are a small nation.” if Dusan Vlahović And the Philip Kostek were injured and Alexander Mitrović Not quite decent, it’s a problem.

On the other hand, Tite was out of his options in Qatar and the options he left at home, such as striker Gabriel Barbosa, winner of the Copa Libertadores, Roberto Firminoand Mathews Cunha and Hulk. It underscores the competition Richarlison faced to make the No. 9 shirt his own.

It is one of 200 million. “It’s a child’s dream come true,” Richarlison smiled.

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(Photo: Marcus Gilliar – GES Sportfoto / Getty Images)

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