Rams need improvement everywhere after losing a blast in bills

Los Angeles (AFP) – The Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl honeymoon didn’t last until the first Sunday of the following regular season.

Their 31-10 defeat to the Buffalo Bills on Thursday night was a stark reminder that last season’s title – and even the last half-decade of success under Sean McVay – guarantees nothing for the Rams in a new year.

While Los Angeles still has elite talent, they can’t keep up with Buffalo, who is widely considered the number one contender for the crown. The Rams’ best opponents would be hungrier for what they had, and this sudden defeat was a quick reminder.

The editorial also revealed that the Rams have plenty of problems to solve if they hope to be considered among the NFL’s elite again this season. McVeigh tried to blame himself, as usual, but nearly every aspect of his team showed plenty of room for improvement.

“This was a humbling experience, but we’ll keep in touch,” McVeigh said. “We will all look inward. We will do a better job moving forward.”

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