Pot predictions: Georgia stays ahead, Tennessee hangs, UCLA replaces Clemson in college football game

Georgia won their highly anticipated showdown with Tennessee, 27-13, but while the Bulldogs finished third with the Volunteers first in last week’s College Football Playoff rankings, Dawgs’ win doesn’t change the expected final games. Georgia, a nine-point favorite on the game, was already expected to overtake Tennessee, win the SEC title and earn the top spot in the CFP with the Vols expected to take the fourth seed.

Some help will be necessary for Tennessee to slip into the CFP at 11-1. The most significant of these developments is Georgia undefeated, as it beat SEC 13-0. Any loss to Dawgs will push them down the rankings, and they are now a cap on how high volumes can run out.

Another important factor for Tennessee is Alabama, which should remain as strong as possible given that it is the best win for the Vols. That presence took a beating Saturday night as Crimson Tide lost at LSU, 32-31 in overtime. Alabama now sits 7-2 in the season and is third in the Western SEC behind LSU and the Ole Miss. Rebel Tide plays next week with a chance for second place.

Tennessee will also need help from other conferences. Ideally, the SEC would produce the only unbeaten team in Georgia. You can still succeed with Vols if there are two or even three teams that are undefeated; However, there was no Power Five team that was never undefeated from a College Football match.

Ohio State, Michigan and UCLA remain undefeated, but given that the Buckeyes and Wolverines still have to play each other, the possibility of four undefeated teams went by the wayside on Saturday night thanks to Notre Dame’s 35-14 win over Clemson. With the Tigers suffering their first defeat of the season, the ACC champion is now guaranteed at least one loss on his record.

As such, there are four new spots expected in the playoffs. Clemson withdraws with TCU to replace it. The Horned Frogs defeated Texas Tech on Saturday but has a tough period of her schedule coming up with matches at Texas and Baylor.

College Football Interval

January 9

International Championship
Englewood, California.

Title game The winners of the semi-finals

December 31

peach bowl


(1) Georgia Opposite (4) Tennessee

December 31

Fiesta Bowl
Glendale, Ariz.


(2) Ohio State Opposite (3) TCU

There’s plenty of action in the other six New Year’s games, too. Clemson is still expected to be the ACC Champion, and since the Tigers are no longer expected to make the CFP, they will go to the Orange Bowl.

LSU, who came away with a predicted SEC Championship game loss for Georgia, will take the SEC’s place in the Sugar Bowl. These Tigers are now expected to face Texas, runner-up on the TCU in the Big 12.

After the dust settles, Alabama should be higher than Pennsylvania. Therefore, The Crimson Tide replaces Nittany Lions in dropping the Orange Bowl. Bama will be the fourth SEC team in the New Year’s Six game.

The other six games in the new year maintain the same expectations as last week with the runners-up in Michigan’s Big Ten with the Pac-12 USC champion in the Rose Bowl and the Pac-12 runner-up in the Oregon meeting with a group of five Cincinnati representatives in the Cotton Bowl

New Year’s Six Cup Games

January 2

Has risen
Pasadena, California.

Big Ten vs Buck 12

Michigan against. USC

January 2

Arlington, Tx.

generally versus generally

Oregon against. Cincinnati

December 31

New Orleans

SEC vs Big 12

LSU vs. Texas

December 30



Clemson vs Alabama

Penn State’s withdrawal from the Orange Bowl means that the Big Ten will retain their spot in the ReliaQuest Bowl. (The ACC takes the Big Ten slot in that game if the Big Ten is in the Orange Bowl.)

This caused pot-dropping changes for several teams in both the ACC and the Big Ten. Pennsylvania is now projected into the citrus pot. Illinois moves to the ReliaQuest Bowl, replacing North Carolina. The Tar Heels are now expected to play in the Cheez-It Bowl.

The SEC had several changes as well due to a fourth team qualifying for the sixth New Year’s game. Notably, Florida moves from the Las Vegas Bowl to the ReliaQuest Bowl and replaces Mississippi State with Arkansas as Notre Dame’s opponent in the Gator Bowl.

There are currently 51 teams eligible for the tournament, which means we need 31 more teams to fill each remaining spot. However, I expect there will be six short teams, which means we will need to play teams with five game wins. APR rankings are used to determine which teams with five wins are allowed to play in pot games if required.

West Point Army is one of those five winning teams. However, unlike the others, the Black Knight is expected to finish 5-6 instead of 5-7. The Army has two victories over the FCS opposition and can only count one win for eligibility to play.

Also, the Army would need to beat the Navy on December 10 to become eligible for the tournament; This game takes place one week after the announcement of the pot matches. In this case, the Independence Bowl should have a reserve team waiting in case the Black Knights lose to the Marines.

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