Planes ready to “prove to the world” that they are ready for a new chapter

they think.

You may not believe.

The rest of the NFL might not believe it.

You may not believe Las Vegas.

But the planes believe in themselves.

with their expectation Season Opening Against the Crows at MetLife Stadium Looming on Sunday, the players in the Jets locker room don’t care much about the fact that they’re underdogs at home and that their over/under loss was set by the Vegas at 5.5 insulting.

There is a “why don’t we?” An atmosphere emanating from the Jets locker room on the eve of the 2022 season opener.

These Jets players don’t care that the team went 4-13 last season or that the franchise hasn’t played a post-season game since the 2010 season.

They think they are good. Good enough to win more matches than they lose. Good enough for the playoffs. Good enough to amaze the outside world, who has little faith in any of these things.

“Going out and hitting Baltimore will show everyone,” Gates Safety Jordan Whitehead told The Post on Friday. “I think we all need that. We need to get out and start fast and prove to the world what we can do.”

Jordan Whitehead participates in the exercises in Aircraft Training.
Jordan Whitehead participates in the exercises in Aircraft Training.
Bill Costron/New York Post

Before the Jets caught him off-season, Whitehead began the past four years of piracy, He was part of a Super Bowl winner two seasons ago He was on the 13-4 team last season that lost 30-27 in the NFC playoff round to the Rams, who went on to win the Super Bowl.

Whitehead has been part of a mid-level team turned world champion, so there is some credibility there. Having said that, listen to what he had to say about his current team: “This might be the most talented team I’ve ever seen. The talent in this locker room is the best I’ve been in.”

These are strong words coming from a player who played the past two seasons on a team that went 29-10 and won the Super Bowl.

“We have talent,” Whitehead said. “It’s not even a question. I’m excited to see these guys in action.”

Sometimes it is better not to know what you do not know. Ignorance can make you stronger.

Whitehead hasn’t been around long enough to choke on the negativity that has engulfed the franchise with its perpetual flaws.

The self-confident young players brought into this locker room haven’t been around long enough either. That includes rookie rookie Sauce Gardner, fifth overall pick in the draft, rookie receiver Garrett Wilson, 10th pick, and several other young talents. They don’t know better than they expect to win.

Now the trick, according to veteran quarterback Joe Flacco, is to “make these young players realize how good they are”.

Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco
Noah K. Murray New York Post

That will require some tangible evidence, the positive reinforcement that will come with a surprise win over the Ravens on Sunday. This would immeasurably accelerate the team’s belief that coach Robert Saleh is trying to build it.

“We feel we have some momentum behind us,” Flacco told The Post on Friday. “These guys bring energy. In order to really evolve we have to go out there and prove it on Sunday.”

What will Sunday’s win do for this team?

“It is difficult to determine the strength of going out and winning a football match,” Flacco said. “It’s really tough and there’s nothing like it. When you win a football match, it’s an incredible feeling. It’s hard to say how much he can actually give you.”

Suffice it to say that he will do a lot.

“Joe is right – I think it’s about men knowing how good they really are,” retracted Michael Carter told The Post.

“There are two types of people when you’re trying to impress someone – people who believe without seeing it and people who need results to be believed,” quarterback CJ Mosley told The Post.

“I think Saleh is doing a good job of bringing in the men they once were — men who already know they’re good,” Carter said when I imparted Moseley’s theory to him. “We have a lot of talent in our locker room now. This is the most trusted team I’ve ever been in. We are a confident group. We are a young group. We are starting to figure things out.

“The goal is to get everything together in one match and build on that. I can’t wait to watch everyone bring them together.”

What about low expectations of the outside world?

“The great thing about sports is that we write our own story,” Carter said. “No matter what everyone on the outside thinks, it won’t be true until we make our own story.”

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