Perez Leclerc points by 0.004sec in opening F1 practice

Perez finished just 0.004 seconds behind Leclerc, with Max Verstappen third before Carlos Sainz And the mercedes Husband Lewis Hamilton And the George Russell.

With only an hour of training to arrive before Friday’s qualifying session for the final sprint of 2023, the group took off en masse at the start – the run split across hard and medium vehicles.

Kevin MagnussenRunning on top of a snake out of the pits, he duly set the first-place benchmark at 1m16.443s on solidity before a flurry of faster times puts the Haas driver back.

After you beat Hamilton Valtteri Bottas And the Esteban Ocon In their first round, Perez set the benchmark under the 1m 15.0s arc for the first time before the end of the opening five minutes.

He then beat his first in 1m14.616s with 1m14.477s on the next lap on hard ground, before Verstappen, who gave up his first pilot after slipping in Turn 4, proceeds.

Verstappen’s 1min 14.104secs hold stood as standard overall and for tough riders for a few minutes before Bottas set the fastest time on center before the end of the first 10 minutes with 1min 13.807secs.

As Verstappen continued to beat the odds, Bottas again outdid Bottas with 1m13.646s then 1m13.575s as the opening quarter ended and the pack was back in the pits for adjustments.

A lull in action followed before Perez became the first driver out on the softcourt after 25 minutes.

He took a 1m11.853s forward despite running hard over the barriers between Turns 4 and 5 and approaching the bottom, the Mexican driver also had a near-empty track as most of his rivals continued to sit in the pits.

Verstappen was the next sprinter to complete a light pilot in the middle of the session, the world champion putting on a purple sector first before fading again in comparison to Perez and ending up in 0.008s at 1m 11.861s, complaining that his car “doesn’t ‘turn’ around” Because he was “only waiting for the fronts”.

Here the teams diverged about their running plans, with Ferrari Mercedes sent Hamilton and Leclerc out to score laps on the middle, while Sainz stayed in the pits, as did Russell at the start before reappearing on the yellow-walled rubber.

Leclerc used his media to move into third and sprint 0.5sec off the pace before Perez went again for round two on the slugs that ended up a tenth slower than his leading time.

With Sainz ahead of Leclerc to run in third 0.2sec slower than Perez but still using the intermediaries, Verstappen completed a second poor run after making adjustments in the pits, but left him nearly a quarter of a second behind his counterpart. time mate.

As the final 15 minutes drew to a close, with the Ferrari drivers continuing to move on the middle, Russell jumped into fourth place with his first run on the softcourt – with both he and Hamilton languishing near the feet of the era with their efforts on the tougher vehicles.

Russell’s time came in at 0.336 seconds slower than Perez, who, along with Verstappen, were running high fuel on the soft machines as the session ended.

With just under 10 minutes left, Hamilton went on his first cornering run but had to give it up after he got past the exit hurdles of Turn 7 and closed the left front on approaching Turn 8 and slipped deep.

After Russell completed a cool-down run on his agility, he went again and jumped ahead of Sainz’s best time on center to come close to 0.202sec from Perez.

Hamilton prepared for another attempt on the lane, then in his second pilot Russell appeared to sit 0.187sec behind the lead.

Then, with only five minutes remaining, the Ferrari drivers finally showed their hands on the light stuff.

Sainz went first, clocking just 0.001 seconds ahead of Hamilton in third, before both were reduced by Leclerc’s first attempt on the lane.

Having personally placed a second best sector lead over Perez’s leading time, Leclerc lost nearly a quarter of a second in the final sector to finish second after 0.004 seconds in 1m11.857 seconds.

Leclerc didn’t finish, making a last-ditch effort in the final minutes, but in a light second round he ended up slower than his best to stay well off the lead.

His recent improvements mean Verstappen finished third, ahead of Sainz and the Mercedes pair, who followed suit. Sebastian Vettel And the Mick Schumacherlike Bottas and Pierre Gasly Rounding out the top ten.

In a notable moment during the early run, Sainz bounced off the exit barrier of Turn 3 cruising around Lando Norris outside in a move that angered the Ferrari driver.

Norris finished the session 15th while he was a teammate Daniel Ricciardo Brought the back of the field, with either McLaren driver – Alps Drivers in eleventh and thirteenth places – setting the time before qualifying.

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