Opinion: King Charles’ biggest problem isn’t his crown, it’s his voice

King Charles III was a more outspoken and less compliant figure than Queen Elizabeth II Previous The role of the prince tends to shy away from tradition and put his own role in things. Finally, he got to the line. He paid tribute to his “dear mother,” and vowed to emulate her firm commitment to “lifelong service.”

Altogether, the message was touching and gracious, no small feat for a man in the curious position of having to hold out until the death of a parent to begin the mission of a lifetime. The constant theme was duty. This was also the mantra of his mother’s supervision for seven decades, and so the British public might be forgiven for assuming he knew what it meant. But words are open to interpretation, and while the crown may be hereditary, the king’s sense of duty is not.

For the Queen, duty translates to impartiality, discretion and predictability. A woman we can set our clocks on–largely silent, always looks like my picture. she did You don’t always succeedIts approach was not a fail-safe insurance general audit. Charles’ track record suggests an entirely different reading of duty. Against the backdrop of uncertainty left by the loss of his mother, it could tear apart the institution he is sworn to support.
As a prince, Charles regularly saw fit for that expression His convictions are on topics ranging from climate change to herbal remedies. The most famous, is pressure Government directly via the so-called “spider notes” of 2004 and 2005 (named in reference due to the prince’s handwriting), which were addressed to then-Prime Minister Tony Blair and other senior ministers.
its contents ranged From demands on his farm charities to urging the Blair government to reprioritize its defense spending – all of which run counter to the unwritten royal constitution. commitment to stay above politics.
This was far from isolated Infraction. Recently, in June, Charles, according to The Times, was he heard He criticizes the government’s policy of deporting immigrants to Rwanda. A spokesperson at the time said “we will not comment on anonymous private conversations with the Prince of Wales, except to reiterate that he remains politically neutral” – but did not deny Charles’ stated position, which many of his members represented. opinions, was in keeping with much of the British public. But what if the soon-to-be head of state had endorsed this scheme?
The only word that identified Elizabeth II
When he turned 70 in 2018, Charles announce That he wouldn’t be “stupid” to be as straightforward as King, but maybe it’s already too late. Decades of campaigning in the name of progress stood in disturbing contrast to the ancient privilege that enabled him to lead it. By definition, cult figures tend to be inaccessible, and the Queen is also apolitical Silence It created a distance between her and her subjects which made turning them into legends much easier than it could have been.
behind closed doors pressure To hide her own wealth, but on the outside, she had the sense to keep her feelings for the world around her close to her chest. In his speaking, Charles emphasized the eccentricity of an unelected official claiming a free standing on the world stage – and revealed that the future king was uncomfortable with the error.

Frank Charles also smashed a vital piece of potential armor: the benefit of the doubt. The Queen’s reticence to express her views in the public sphere allowed their assumptions to be projected onto her, and these were usually understood.

As of this summer, it was Most Popular User From the royal family. By contrast, her most outspoken eldest son has only 42% approval, and in the absence of her reassuring presence, he stands on shaky ground. I mentioned Charles’ plan to pruning Working royal family to only seven active members indicates that he is well aware of the need to modernize in line with general opinion. Unfortunately, the official actions demanded by the royal death have already put a heavy emphasis on the recent fatalities.
As usual, the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on British soil over the past few days has stirred up Callbacks to their controversial departure from their royal duties two years ago. Alleged tensions between the couple and the new Prince and Princess of Wales spill Covering the Queen’s death, prompting fashionable bias between comment.
Why sing & # 39;  God save the king & # 39;  stuck in the throat
Worst of all, the categorical arrest As the Queen’s coffin was passing through Edinburgh on Monday, Prince Andrew was once again pushed into the spotlight. According to the Daily Telegraph, the man was heard shouting “You’re a sick old man” at Andrew – and another person in the crowd responded with “God save the King”.
The lawsuit Virginia Joffrey brought her in in 2019 claiming that she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was underage has not only ruined his reputation. It exposed the perversion of even the most faithful interpretation of royal duty. Besides agreeing to a statement from Buckingham Palace canceling Andrew’s military affiliations and royal patronage, the Queen has not spoken publicly about the issue. but she I stood next to him Publicly, after the prince arrived outside the court Colony With Giuffre earlier this year – acknowledging Giuffre’s suffering but neither confirming nor denying her specific allegations against him – the Telegraph reported that the Queen will pay At least part of the £12 million.
Perhaps the Queen believed the decision the support Her son was personal. You may have concluded that it is in the public interest to stamp out the story that has cast a shadow over the monarchy since Princess Diana’s death and threatened to tarnish her platinum jubilee. Maybe you just believed him, stop. And no matter what she thought, her choice was not, and never could be, seen as impartial.

This is the problem facing Charles today. Once innocence is lost it is lost forever, and impartiality is seldom recovered by simply surrendering. Generously speaking his mind before becoming king, Charles lost the opportunity to take the throne with a whiteboard. But as the Queen has also shown during her long reign, and especially in recent months, that every monarch is human, and silence is not necessarily benign.

When she chose to side with Andrew, the audience didn’t just see a personal choice. Experienced royal patronage. Even if Charles censors himself from now on, it is unlikely that the Crown will ever regain its neutral appearance.

Change is already in the air. The past few days, anti-property protesters They were kept away from the mourning crowds in England and Scotland, as did the leaders of the Commonwealth pointed The opportunity to “discuss constitutional arrangements” made possible by the Queen’s death. Over the past 70 years, the strongest argument in favor of the crown has been the assertion it made as a fixed point in a world of transformation. Now, this point rotates on its axis.

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