Oklahoma vs Nebraska game score, fast food: No. 6, who quickly dominates the mummy, and scores the most points against the opponent

Oklahoma State No. 6 Nebraska handed one of the worst losses in its program history Saturday with a 49-14 decision at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. The 49 points are the most points the Sooners have scored against the Cornhuskers in the 88 showdowns between these two shows.

Nebraska rose to the plate early with an impressive script engine, but the effort turned into an embarrassment from there. He quickly took a 49-7 lead with nine minutes left in the third quarter and sprinted toward victory, while the Cornhuskers didn’t score a single point until three minutes left in idled time.

Quarterback Dillon Gabriel quickly performed well on his debut against the Power Five in 2022. Gabriel blasted his career for 61 yards to go on the attack and added 230 yards in the air and two touchdowns. However, the rush game captured more than 300 yards, 113 of which came from running back Eric Gray, who scored twice in just 11 loads.

Nebraska quarterback Casey Thompson threw for 129 yards and landed, while Trey Palmer added 10 catches for 92 yards and a point. However, the porous offensive line allowed the Beginners to have four Thompson sacks and they produced just 2.8 yards per carry to start running back Anthony Grant.

For Oklahoma, a major statement

Oklahoma played well in its first two games against UTEP and Kent State, but the first half against Nebraska was perfect football. The Sooners scored 355 yards at 8.1 yards per game and carried the Cornhuskers to 3.4 yards per game. The defensive line kept Nebraska underwater and made Thompson’s life a living hell.

There was hope when Venables took over the program that the urgent team would be able to regain some of the physical strength of their old teams. This win over Nebraska may not have been as meaningful as usual, but the level of dominance and execution was a clear shift from the 23-16 showdown between these two teams last season.

In a season in which many of the best national contenders looked flawed, Oklahoma itself issued an opening statement. Those in a hurry should go straight to the national conversation after disemboweling the Big Ten opponent on the road.

For Nebraska, a complete embarrassment

Any hope that the end of the Scott Frost era would quickly lead to a leap in efficiency was quickly defeated by a bitter rival. The opening scripted drive spread the ball, but after a few quarterback hits, body language quickly subsided.

The Nebraska defense looked shaky after allowing a long drop to Gabriel early in the game and struggled to win back any mojo. The receivers played with little confidence in midfield. Nebraska wobbled after receiving a punch.

Oklahoma never scored more than 48 points against the Cornhuskers, but quickly got to that point early in the third quarter. The 35-point winning margin is the widest since 1990, a 16-game streak. It was tragic for Lincoln on every level.

Welcome to the party, Garen Kanak

In the second quarter, leading Oklahoma forward DaShaun White was sent off after a targeted penalty kick. Venables introduces new student Garen Kanak, the only recruit he follows from Clemson to Norman. Expectations were high for the former star, but his performance was far off the charts.

Kanak led the Sooners with 10 tackles in less than half a game, and caused major problems to protect Nebraska. He was only credited with accelerating the midfielder, but Kanak was around the ball on several occasions.

Oklahoma was looking for a star to fill its “Cheetah” position at quarterback. White is a serious player, but Kanak is the future in this position.

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