Not a Slam Dunk Hire: If Scott Frost Doesn’t Work, Where Does Nebraska Go From Here?

If there has been a confirmed slam hire over the past several years, Scott Frost has been in Nebraska. In fact, when Frost accepted the job at his alma mater in 2017, his arrival could have been considered one of the best-fitted programs in recent history.

He was a native of Nebraska. He was the star quarterback winning a national championship for the Cornhuskers. He was a brilliant coach who achieved the biggest transformation in two years in the history of sports in the UCF. But perhaps most importantly, Frost didn’t just know Nebraska culture… he was Part of the culture.

There was credibility. There was a refreshing rudeness. Most of all, Frost had a plan. In the end, it is possible that Frost himself may not know exactly what went wrong.

The closest comparison to this position is Jim Harbaugh, who had a similar background in Michigan Like Frost in Nebraska. the difference? Harbow, as a former great and beloved, won. That might not have been “enough” until last season, which culminated in a college playoff appearance, but it hit five straight games and finished 8-5 or better every season until the COVID-19 pandemic. The difference was in the results.

When 47-year-old Frost was released on Sunday Following a 45-42 loss to South Georgia From the Sun Belt, an obvious question looms over the college football world: If Frost doesn’t work in Nebraska, who will?

Whoever replaces Frost will walk in the door knowing the obvious: Nebraska has lost its way, and the roadmap for exit is not immediately available. Getting in a wheel of hamster trainers would slow down any program. Frost, the fifth coach in Nebraska since Tom Osborne retired in 1997, was just the latest example of a giant whiff that no one expected.

Nebraska is now rebuilding the range that her next coach may not realize. Upon leaving the Big 12 in 2012, Nebraska lost a large part of its history and tradition – so much so that a 17-year-old recruit might have trouble distinguishing between Tom Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne.

It was all combined to highlight Nebraska’s isolation as a forward outpost in a league that boasted of its big city connections to New York and Chicago. Thanks to further reorganization, it is now the closest Big Ten program to new members USC And the University of California (1500 miles). So, here she is.

Burke Magnus, CEO of ESPN, made the news two weeks ago when he said the network was looking for competition, not markets, in reorganization. Try naming Nebraska’s biggest competitor in the Big Ten. artificial competition with Yes She never got caught up in the crowd. To be realistic, these are tough times.

Nebraska needed to take the Big Ten money and cut ties with much of its history, but that doesn’t mean it fits. In fact, the Big Ten movement looks like a net negative. Look at what dozens of Nebraska athletic directors and directors have done to these millions: Not enough. The congressional marriage for the economic good has been a testament to the continuing erosion of the programme. It was all confusing.

The program formerly known as the National Force had a lot of practice in this area. I experimented with the unknown (Bill Callahan), the defensive assistant (Beau Bellini) and the repeater (Mike Riley).

can return nebraska; There is simply a lot of ambition out there. While watching the Georgia South gain 642 yards on Saturday, perhaps the game’s most loyal fans were crying out their lungs. There are increased bargain opportunities for players, which negates the issue of isolation.

Sports director Trev Alberts, another Huskers legacy, has taken a calm, steady approach to the inevitable. The school ate $15 million in acquisition money from Frost to queue up early to hire the best coach possible and make sure that recruiting didn’t suffer further in the 19 days it had to wait to see the buyout drop to $7.5 million on October 1. .

As long as the Nebraska job is open, the program is a national story. number 6 Oklahoma This week’s visits, so consider this game a three-hour commercial could Be in Lincoln, Nebraska. A potential training savior and the talent you may be pursuing will be watched. There are dozens of achievements Coaches who would be a great fit.

Gary Patterson, the 62-year-old, would be interested. Previous TCU Boss, now a Texas Analyst, he had his fingerprints all over the Longhorns’ strong defensive efforts against No. 2 Alabama last Saturday.

Kentucky Coach Mark Stubbs has competed for the highest level in SEC school basketball, winning 10 games twice in a division that includes Florida And the Georgia. How hard would a winning Kentucky coach — Stubbs beat Bear Bryant on Saturday — win the Big Ten West?

Iowa State still hasn’t broken a double-digit points record in a game two weeks into the season. Wisconsin Just hit home Washington State. Heck, if interim coach Mickey Joseph could start a fire, Nebraska wouldn’t be out of the class this is general. But let’s not get carried away.

Head scratching in Nebraska draws blood into the scalp at this point. However, a shift is possible. USC this season has the appearance of going from 4-8 to the Pac-12 Champion. All it took was to go to Lincoln Riley and give him some room to be successful. Riley brought with him an express transportation philosophy that has worked so well so far.

But Nebraska could have transformed several times over the quarter-century since Osborne’s retirement. If there is a clear process, there will be no The Practical – Nick Saban’s enigmatic and highly effective corporate sports philosophy. It has often been imitated but never replicated.

Keep in mind that Alabama faced a similar situation in 2007. Rich Rodriguez accepted the job, according to objective reports at the time. Fortunately for Crimson Tide, he caught a cold. Saban will go down in history as the world’s best backup plan.

This is as mind-boggling as Nebraska being that average. There is a whole separate discussion to be had about whether the program will ever return to national championship competition again. Probably not, because there have only been a handful of teams that have been in the conversation over the past 15 years. Most of these teams reside in the SEC.

But the Big Ten sent a message that he wants the SEC to bypass…everything. The conference just announced a landmark media rights deal that could total more than $1 billion annually, and Nebraska will have access to that money starting in 2023. Will that make a difference? (This revenue is usually charged back, beginning as meager and peaking in subsequent years.) Nebraska cannot afford the kind of slow pace of this rebuilding.

The Cornhuskers, fans, and players — heck, every college football team — have waited long enough. Ultimately, Nebraska will pay whatever it takes to bring the person you identify as the ideal candidate to lead this program back to the fore.

The harsh truth? After Frost’s hire failed, no one knew if it would make a difference.

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