NICKELBACK releasing Get Rollin album in November

guitar player Ryan Beck The guitarist/singer Chad Krueger from Canadian rockers Nickel Buck talk to Terry Carr From Radio Station Morristown, New Jersey 105.5 WDHA about their next album, “Get Rollin”, which is due to be presented on November 18. When asked if it was the LP’s heavy first single, “San Quentin”which arrives on September 7, is a good representation of the album’s overall direction, Chad He said, “The log is all over the map, just like all our records – it’s all over the map. We’ve just started with big rock, and there’s other heavy stuff in there, but like I said, like everyone else.” Nickel Buck Record, it ebbs and flows and there’s something for every mood.”

last week, Chad . said WRAT A radio station about why it took so long to produce a follow-up to 2017 “feed the machine”: “Well, we should have hit the record a lot sooner, with all this time [due to the coronavirus pandemic]. Weird to say this, but for 25 years, it’s looked like someone is standing behind us with rocking cattle and saying to us, ‘Hey, taping should be done by this time. We’ll take a tour at this time. We’ll do Australia and then we’ll go to Europe and then we’ll come back. We’ll go through Canada. We will hit America. Just like any other band that does these things, you want to get a chance to see your fans all over the world. But with this one, we were, like, ‘We’ll get to it when we get to it.’ [Laughs] And yes, we did take our time with her, which was just a nice luxury, to be able to sit down and [go], ‘number. I’m going to play that guitar solo 40 again for three more days, making sure it’s exactly what we want instead of deadline, deadline, and deadline. “

Regarding some fans’ initial reaction that the already released 10-second clip is “San Quentin” It keeps track of what on first listen sounds like the heaviest song the band has ever written and is unlike anything else Nickel Buck I did before, Rayan He said, “It’s funny. We’ve heard it a lot. It’s really interesting because I think Nickel Buck Fans will know for sure [that it’s us once they heard the full song]. I don’t think it’s unusual…it’s a rock-heavy song, and if you watch us live, you’ll definitely get it. But I kind of like that people feel it’s a surprise that we can get rock songs like that in the repertoire. “

Chad Also talk about the lyrical inspiration of “San Quentin”He said, “I met [San Quentin prison] A guard at a party. I couldn’t believe how small he was. I was, like, ‘There’s no way you’d be a San Quentin sheriff,’ and everyone was, like, ‘Yeah. It is.’ Jay Fieri‘s [American restaurateur, author and Emmy Award-winning television presenter] My boyfriend and I were at his birthday party a few years ago. And all the time we’ve been talking, I, [laughs] I’m talking to this guy, but in my head all I could think of was, “I’m going to write a song called “San Quentin”. This is it.’ I put it in my notes on my phone. And then as soon as the pit went down, I think I shouted that line, “Can anyone keep me in the hell out of San Quentin?” We took him from there.”

. music video “San Quentin” Filmed August 30 at Simon Fraser University’s Confuciation Mall in British Columbia. The clip will premiere online by mid-September.

according to CTV Newshundreds of Nickel Buck Fans attended the photo shoot, including one fan who traveled all the way from Edmonton.

Nickel Buck She will embark on a US tour in support of her new album in the summer of 2023.

beck He said in April 2020 that Nickel BuckThe documentary – which has been in the works for at least a few years – was “very close to being released”.

in August 2020, Nickel Buck He released a music video for his cover version of Charlie Daniels band classic “The Devil Has Came Down to Georgia”. honor Danielswho passed away in July 2020, Nickel Buck Guitarist called Dave Marton To join them on the cover of the infamous classic story – in honor of DanielsTheir impact on their careers and the legacy they left behind.

Nickel Buck‘s “All the Right Reasons: 15th Anniversary Expanded Edition” It was released as a two-disc CD set in October 2020. The set included a freshly remastered version of the original 2005 album, a selection of B-sides, and a 2006 live concert recording.

Since its formation in Alberta, Canada in 1995, Nickel Buck It has established itself as one of the most feasible and important businesses of the past three decades. Nickel BuckIts success includes global sales of more than 50 million units, cementing its position as one of the best-selling businesses of all time.

With over 23 chart-topping singles and fans from around the world, Nickel Buck It boasts twelve sold-out consecutive world tours, serving over eight million enthusiastic fans and devotees.

So it looks like we have a release date for the new album Get Rollin’ which came as no surprise to me! November 18…

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