NASCAR President Steve Phelps meets with Denny Hamlin

What the NASCAR Cup Series drivers said about Sunday’s tie-breaker at Talladega Superspeedway, Where Chase Elliott beat Ryan Blaney On his fifth major win in the series this season:

Chase Elliot – Finished first: “Yeah, it was the last two slashes. I wasn’t too crazy for being on the bottom. Luckily, I got enough two to slip in front of Eric. He gave me some great nudges. There’s obviously a Chevy team partner. Yeah, I just toured Good enough to get out and then manage to stay far enough in front of Ryan here at the line to get it done. This stuff is really hard to win. You have to enjoy it. Just appreciate everyone’s efforts today. Get ready to go to Roval and try to grab another one. We are excited For these last few events. Hopefully we can get to Phoenix and give them a tour.”

Ryan Blaney – Second place: “I’ve honestly been working with Ross there for a while. I knew he pushed well, and I knew Michael could obviously pay well too. So I didn’t really care where we were going to line up. I got a good push there and was able to get a good push too. Very on reboot and I got Elliot clear and then he was able to drive the top lane.I had two chances to go upstairs and cover him, and I was just nervous about getting stuck in the middle with Elliot,(Eric Jones) And the (Ross Chastain) Stand in line. I didn’t feel comfortable going up there. I trust Chase, but not so much to where he wouldn’t hang me for the greater good of his group, so he chose to stay at the bottom with Michael. We had a great chance of winning the title, but we split up in the middle of three and four. I’ll probably look at him at some of the things I probably should have done differently, I wish I would have done something different, but that’s easy to say now. All in all, it was a decent day. It just sucks to be close to our first win of the season. I guess the only thing I might have done differently is realizing that (Denny Hamlin(discharged)Michael McDowell) in the middle of the three and four and faded with them. It just happened really fast and then I would probably have come to the fickle – if we were going to win or not, I don’t know – but I’m back on the bottom.”

Michael McDowell – 3rd place: “It’s hard to be that close. I felt like I probably should have pulled back on Blaney a little sooner when Hamlin got out of my way, but I was just trying to make sure the Ford would hit Victory Road, and we kept that up. Momentum I hope to get a replay but I’m proud of everyone at Front Row Motorsports It’s a great day to get into the top five but when you’re just a short drive away from winning the race it’s obviously disappointing I’m proud of the season we had and running Which we put together, and everyone did a great job on the execution road today and got us ringside when we needed it. It’s good to be there at the end and have a chance to make it, just disappointed.”

Ross Chastain – Finished 4th: “We’ve done a lot of moves and a lot of moves have been made on us. There are 188 laps, and I would say there are two or three times in a lap that you have a decision to do. There are two that stuck out that I was controlling the middle lane and I went down. To stay in the middle Cars went better in the middle lane It was nice to work with (Blani) Ryan and I tried tandems here in trucks 10 years ago Weird to say we’ve been here for a decade in the sport Every point You get it better. It never ends. You just want more. A day he scores really good points for me and Daniel. For this Trackhouse group to keep doing through these playoffs. We’re getting to this as we go. I’m struggling with this. And I love all of A moment and I do it.”

Denny Hamlin – 5th place: “It’s very hard to get through, and I know you’ve all heard that. It’s just a two-line train. You can’t really run in three directions with this car, so you just have to sit behind whoever’s right in front of you, and hopefully you can push that line a little bit to forward. Hopefully they change lanes, and you can jump forward. That’s kind of what we have now so I feel like we had a good day. Our target for the day was five stage points and we got more than five points in stage one not stage two and then we tried Go and get a good ending and that’s what we did. Overall, good day. I was able to give Chase (Elliott) a push in there and I thought, “Should I go with him and force three to show him?” But I’m at the bottom and I always know there’s someone coming after me .then I’ll be in the middle and it just wasn’t worth the risk to go back to 15th and fall in the middle. For me, this is a season of our three races and we’re racing for points.”

Todd Gilliland Seventh place: “I’m really happy to come home with a top 10. Race car drivers are greedy. I wish I could have gotten a couple more in there, but it was still a really good day. We ran in front most of the day and my car handled really well, so, Overall there’s definitely a lot of positives to get away with this. I feel like our ultra-fast stuff is pretty good. It’s still scary when we qualified for 34th, but having that kind of speed in the draft is fine. It’s really nice to have mates In the Ford team I worked a lot with Kevin Harvick And a lot of different Ford cars. I was really happy to work with such a great manufacturer.”

Austin Senderdijk – 9th place: “Stage points are a big deal. Obviously helping (Blani) win a stage was big, recover from the wreck, control the damage and drive back across the field, I think when everyone kind of squanders to try to do what’s best for them, it’s very important that You be decisive, and I was able to make some good moves and be able to be in some lanes that move. I call it 50/50 decisive and 50 percent luck, but overall it definitely puts us in a good place to race for a place in the quarter-finals in Roval, so we’ll give our best forward and have some fun next week.”

Chase Brisco The tenth is over: β€œIt was quite tame in the sense that there was no wreckage, but I think this was the most active race from start to finish. We barely ran a single file, and these cars are very hard to shape. The track situation seems to be a big problem and you have guys pushing really hard, trying Just keep the track they’re in. I guess on my part it was really peppy because you never ride around. You have to go really hard all the time and push the guy in front of you. We never got a single coil on top, but I was surprised we didn’t see a wreck. I was Thinking about how out of control these cars get when you get pushbacks from behind, especially the big cars we were up against at the end, I figured something was going to happen. I’m glad nothing happened, but it was kind of a surprise to me. I think this The place is a little easier on Daytona as far as being able to keep it under control, but I did a really good job of making the cars go better. I think we all learned a lot at Daytona as far as we need to do with our race car so we can push. Still Push them out of control I feel like I’m out of control like I was in the first three races, but there’s still a bit of driving when someone is pushing you. I was definitely surprised that we didn’t see a major wreck.”

Christopher Bell 17 . finished“Just a very disappointing ending. Wanted to score a lot of points and unfortunately we didn’t get enough today. So we have to go to Roval and do our best. I feel good about our chances there. I think we’ll be competitive and we just have to go out there and try to win.” “.

Joey Logano – Finished 27: “We smash all the time, so we thought, ‘Oh boy, we have a big lead in points, let’s just be smart and not smash,’ and we’d be able to get out of here with a top 10 assuming they were going to destroy because they always did. That was the time. The only one I’ve stayed behind in, ever, was today, and they didn’t crash. We gave up a bunch of points we made. We’re still over 18, a decent place, but the goal was to race for stage points and then fall back and wait for the crash I hate racing this way. I’ve had hits a few times from people who did and then I tried it, and it just didn’t work.”

Harrison Burton Finished in 36th place: “I guess so. I haven’t seen him yet. I know he hit me and as soon as he did I was written off and going side by side. I don’t know what to do differently. I acted conservatively to give him time to get ready and I’m not sure why. He gave me a pretty strong shot for sure, But I don’t know if she was out of line, or where he was when he hit me, or if I was moving while he was moving. I haven’t seen anything yet. These things happen so fast and all of a sudden you’re sideways. You know you got hit and you don’t really understand why. Unfortunate for us. It felt like we had a well shot DEX Ford Mustang. We were going to go and try to make a move out and try to control the position of the track and suddenly you go sideways. It’s very sad. I hope it doesn’t affect any of the guys in the Penske Alliance playoff. No I think they took any damage or anything. We’ll just try to keep it going and get some momentum in the right way.”

Ty Gibbs Finished in thirty-seventh place: “I’d definitely be a part of that (breakdown). I was working with Bubba (Wallace) there and following him. I thought we had some good teamwork going in there and I let him in. We were trying to get the best of it. I think (Harrison Burton) I just got a bad batch and it crashed. There was nowhere to go. It’s definitely bad, but it could be a blessing in disguise. We’ll just go to Ruval and go hammer there.”

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