NASCAR mulls ending cautions stage on road courses: reports

NASCAR He’s made bold decisions in recent years, expanding his schedule to include a variety of different tracks. This year, they’ve added Clash at the Coliseum and World Wide Technology Raceway. In the 2023 season, the Cup Series will reach Chicago streets.

Many fans are excited to see the drivers put their skills to the test road courses that make turns right and left, and it is always agreed that the accompaniment of stage breaks and alerts is not a good thing. However, according to reports, another significant change is being considered by NASCAR in 2023.

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This past weekend, The Athletic’s writers Jeff Gluck and Jordan Bianchi wrapped up the 2022 season by answering fan questions about shredding Podcast. During the broadcast, a fan asked about the possibility of finishing stage breaks on road courses.

#NASCAR He is considering eliminating “stage breaks” for road course races in 2023. The stages are not being cancelled, but the yellow flag stops are. A good example of why Road America is a great track but takes a long time to run laps under caution. –@employee

According to Gluck, NASCAR is considering the idea of ​​eliminating stage cautions for road courses starting in 2023. This would make a huge difference for road course racing in the future. It has been noted that in many seasons stage breaks are a needless evil for road courses. The breaks are too big and spoil the strategy. At least for now, NASCAR has watched what others have been saying for some time.

Gluck said:

“They’ve already hinted at this to some of us and it looks like they’re seriously considering making a change for next year that would allow them to keep racing green on the road courses. Still paying stage points. Tick it off. But I think there’s definitely potential.”

He completed:

“There are a lot of road courses now. Why not keep them green? See if the strategies mix it up. Maybe it causes some road courses to be a bit dull if the field is full but it’s no different than back in the day. I think They look at it, and I think that would be a big change.”

If NASCAR can think of a cautionary decision without a stage in the ovals

No doubt removing stage warnings at every NASCAR track would be a good idea. However, the idea of ​​removing stage warnings in oval tracks is not relevant at the moment.

It would be perfectly fine if the Sport had enough flexibility to do this on road courses but not on oval tracks. The quality of the six road course races has not been good during 2022 cup chain The season and the governing body needs to be addressed.

Stay tuned for updates on whether the sport’s governing body will go ahead with its plan to eliminate breaks for road course racing next season.

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