Michelle Monaghan Shows a Toned Bod and a Underpop in a Chainmail Gown

  • Michelle Monaghan wasn’t messing around at the Toronto International Film Festival, and she showed up on the red carpet in a stunning chain mail dress.
  • The actress, 46, showcased her incredibly toned body (and some underboob) in a transparent dress.
  • To stay strong and healthy, Michelle is a big fan of Pilates and also loves to run.

an actress Michelle MonaghanThe latest red carpet look got everyone searching Google for “chainmail” for fall wardrobes, because the actress seriously looked this is good in its rise.

During her appearance on the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival, real detective The actress, 46, wore a long, sheer, chain dress (which definitely showed off some bottoms). And Michelle was simply all sorts of strong and harmonious in a sheer dress, as evidenced by the photos from the glamorous event.

Michelle Monaghan Tiff's dress on the red carpet

Michelle Monaghan on the TIFF red carpet.

Andrew Chen//Getty Images

Michelle even post a picture Of herself hitting the red carpet on Instagram, plus another photo of her posing with some of her team members.

The post has garnered a lot of comments from friends and fans who support Michelle. “Love this dress! You look great!” the desk Alum Angela Kinsey commented. The film’s director, Nichiato Gusu, wrote, “So grateful to you, Michelle: your grace, your self-awareness, your brilliance, and your sense of humor.

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Michelle does a lot of pilates, which explains her toned body all over. In August of 2022, Michelle posted a video of herself enjoying her latest fitness obsession with her trainer Emily BenchFounder Pilates Pilateswhere Michelle was training.

In the post, she wrote: “I try everything – and sometimes – do absolutely nothing! Michelle pilates However, the practice does more than keep her body strong. The actress explained, “Pilates is a game changer for mind, body, and spirit. I’ve been training at Emily’s studio for the past six months and have never felt so strong, flexible and grounded.”

Michelle also loves to run. “I take a walk in the morning if I can, after I get the kids to school. If not, I’ll go for a run. Normally, I’ll go for 30 minutes, which is three miles for me,” she told appearance. Michelle also told the outlet that she runs a half marathon every year with her best friend Maria from her hometown of Iowa.

And Michelle is certainly no stranger to her race in the fresh air. I told appearance Back in 2017, she had taken it browse.

I told Michelle that diet is all about balance appearance It includes McDonald’s Quarter Pounders and six kinds of cheese in her fridge. Oh, she He doesn’t have a scale. “I am a firm believer in moderation and not beating myself up,” Michelle told the newspaper.

Michelle went on to say that although she has never liked fruit, she makes up for it with Green juice every morningwhich is “completely fruitless but contains a lot of vitamins from vegetables. My usual day to eat is eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, soup or salad at lunch, or fish or meat and lots of veggies for dinner.”

She also loves good cookie.

Tasty! And we love Libra, Michelle!

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