Mental health checks are part of the daily routine at Notre Dame Football Club

Notre Dame defensive line Howard Cross III (56) tries to take on California as he rolls back DeCarlos Brooks (25) during the Notre Dame v California NCAA football game Saturday, September 17, 2022 at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend.

SOUTH BEND – Howard Cross III is having a breakout season on the Notre Dame defense line, but there are times even Fourth year juniors Pause during the daily mental health checks that all Irish footballers must complete.

It is simply (asking): ‘Are you nervous? Cross said: From one to five. “If you are good, you are not stressed at all. If, I don’t know, you have a lot of studying in school and football is stressing you out, you are very stressed.”

A talented young player who says he “constantly doubts himself, constantly doesn’t think he can,” the namesake son of the former Super Bowl champion spends three or four hours every night on his academy. This comes after a full day of lessons, practice, and film studies.

“After my workout, I go home and spend an hour in (football) or more if I know I need help,” Cross said. “Then the rest is some projects or studies, and God knows what’s next.”

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