Meet Luap, creating false AI for your nightmares

Even though the scary season is still weeks away, the rapid advancement of technology waits for no one – ready or not, an AI creator is already giving us nightmares. Haunted images are nothing new to the work of artificial intelligence (which is made by software that asks users to type in keywords for image concepts). But the latest is a very specific and very scary recurring face, which may have a life of its own.

It all started when the Swedish musician started compound She decided to tamper with an artificial intelligence program that she chose not to disclose. In a number of her portrait results lies the slender face of a woman with deep pink spots under her eyes. Supercomposite shared its experience in a Twitter thread that became material for creepypasta greatness.

“I discovered this woman, whom I call Loab, in April,” Supercomposite wrote. “Artificial intelligence reproduces her more easily than most celebrities. Her presence is constant, and she chases every photo she touches.”

The supercompound was testing the “negative weight” search terms. Essentially, this AI commands the creation of an image in the extreme, a conceptual reversal of any search term used. I tried the Supercomposite “Marlon Brando”, and this gave it a strange logo showing the city skyline. I’ve tried another negative weight based on this mantra, wondering if it’ll go back to Marlon Brando. Instead, he created “Loab”.

At first, Loab’s initial portraits were odd but slightly impressive – an elderly woman staring miserably from the center of the photo. When photographed away, Loeb’s face became disfigured and skull-like, yet somehow still easily recognizable.

Like a character in a horror movie investigating strange noises, Supercomposite has chosen to explore more artificial intelligence. She wanted to see what would happen if she combined one of Loab’s sharper photos with a healthier AI photo done by a friend, an angelic scene inspired by Wes Anderson. The result was pure horror: blood, blood, dismemberment, horrific babies, mutant faces, all under Loeb’s supervision.

I ventured further, “hybridizing” these results with more images. Luap was always there. “Artificial intelligence can stick to the Loab idea so well that it can persist through generations of this type of crossbreeding, without using the original image,” said Supercomposite. “Even when her red cheeks or other important traits are gone, the ‘helix’ of the images she’s involved in making is undeniable. It haunts images, persists through generations, and overpowers other parts of the router as the AI ​​improves so easily toward her face.”

Likes Most horror entities (See Babadook, Pennywise, and chucky), the Loab soon became a strange symbol. Between scenes of nightmare and horror, Supercomposite naturally wondered what the Loab of celebrating pride might look like.

More evidence followed that Loab, who is certainly an AI-produced demon, is also an LGBTQ+ ally.

But what is the ultimate lube? It’s obviously the result of a computer algorithm, but as anyone who’s spent time on the internet knows, this makes it a mystery no less. Supercomposite has its own theory: “It’s an island emerging in latent space and we don’t know how to locate it using text queries. But for AI, Loab was an equally powerful meeting point as a verbal concept.”

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