Long: NASCAR needs to quickly correct the administrative problem from Texas

FORT WORTH, Texas – A senior NASCAR executive has admitted that chain officials have not seen William Byron yarn Denny Hamlin Under caution on the front stretch of Sunday’s Cup qualifier race at Texas Motor Speedway.

The missed call could have major repercussions in the playoffs — even if series officials decide to penalize Byron later this week, as was hinted Sunday night.

Then the problem happened Martin Truex Jr. He blew a tire while driving and crashed into Turn 3 on lap 269 of the 334 lap race.

With the warning lights on, Hamlin slowed down. Byron hit him in retaliation for forcing him against the wall earlier. Hamlin rotated the field grass. NASCAR did not return Hamlin to its original pre-contact location and did not penalize Byron.

“When we were in the tower, we were paying more attention to the actual reason for being cautious in there and we sent our gear in,” said Scott Miller, NASCAR vice president of competition after the race. “Something William Byron Denny Hamlin, we had no eyes on. We saw Denny running through the grass.

“By the time we got a replay that showed the incident well enough to do anything for it, we were back in the green. I’m not sure this issue has been completely resolved yet. We will look into that when we get back to work.”

Miller didn’t say what NASCAR could do this week.

Hamlin expressed his shock on social media at Miller’s comments:

Miller explained how those responsible for the Byron Hamlin incident missed: “The cameras and monitors that we have, we assign mostly to guide and see our safety vehicles and how to dispatch them. By the time we put all these cameras (on the monitor in the control tower), we didn’t have room for all the cameras. in the vehicle to be monitored.

“If we had immediate access to the (Byron) camera inside the car, it would have helped us a lot, to be able to find that quickly. That is definitely one of the things we are looking at.”

Miller said had NASCAR seen the accident or the video sooner, officials would have reacted.

“If we see that well enough to respond to in real time, which we should have had, like there’s no excuse there, then there’d probably be two courses of action,” he said. “One would have brought Hamlin back to where he was, or the other would have made William start in the back.”

Race winner Tyler Riddick NASCAR said it needs to address the situation to avoid any further contact under caution in the future.

“In William’s case, whether he ran over him by accident or on purpose, there must be some sort of punishment for him in that aspect for having completely spoiled someone’s race, whether on purpose or not,” Riddick said. “I feel like something has to be done there.

I’m sure NASCAR will make some kind of decision. I’m sure there will be something they’ll cover this week, updates, on the part of NASCAR. I’d be curious to know what this is. We really can’t have this where you dump someone under caution, they go to the back and you don’t. This could be an interesting situation in the future.”

Byron said he hit Hamlin to show his dissatisfaction with being forced into the wall.

“It felt like he pulled me off the track from (Turn) 2 and had a difficult connection to the wall,” Byron said. “I felt like the toe tie was definitely curved, and luckily it didn’t completely break. We were able to keep going.

“Often times, this kind of damage will destroy your race, especially to such a hard extent. I totally understand managing someone close to them and making a bit of contact, but that was just too huge.”

Of the retaliatory blow, Byron said, “I didn’t mean to take him out. That was definitely not what I was going to do. I meant to bump into him a little bit and show my displeasure and unfortunately, it just happened the way it did. Obviously, when he was rolling, I was like, ‘Didn’t I mean to do it,” but I was definitely disappointed.

Hamlin did not see him that way.

“I think we can just smash into each other under caution,” Hamlin told NBC Sports’ Kim Kwon. I tried to smash it again. I don’t think we touched. I have to look. I don’t think we touched. He obviously sent us across the pitch under caution.”

When asked about having a conversation with Byron, Hamlin said, “I keep hearing these guys, but I’ll add her to my list of guys when I get a chance to get her.”

Hamlin and crew chief Chris Gebhardt was frustrated that NASCAR did not return Hamlin to second place after the call. Instead, NASCAR put him outside the top 15. After pitting, Hamlin restarted the 19th. Byron, after pitting, restarts the X.

“The man smashes you under caution and no punishment?” Chabhart said on Team Radio. “What are they doing?”

“I can’t discuss the rules with them inside the car and the team did everything they could to try to make a case but in the end we went on the field with caution,” Hamlin said after the race.

The result is that Byron finished seventh. This puts him in third place in the ranking. He is 17 points above the cut-off streak for next weekend’s race in Talladega.

Hamlin finished tenth and is sixth in the supplement standings. It is eight points higher than the cut-off line.

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