Lindsay Lohan’s Falling for Christmas wasn’t what you were hoping for – it’s so much more


Imagine, for a moment, a lush, snowy mountain landscape.

When you look at it, it plays dreamy music (who knows where – but it doesn’t matter) and you feel like you’re descending into a magical land, where actress Lindsay Lohan is actively working again as “The Parent Trap” intended gods troubled years It never seems to happen and the world is exactly the way it should be.

This is not heaven, friends. It’s “Falling on Christmas” on Netflix.

What we need to know about Sierra Belmont (Lohan)’s life is summed up perfectly in the opening scene of “Falling for Christmas,” when her “witch squad” arrives at her hotel room to do something that isn’t immediately obvious to her perfect curls and watermelon lips.

No matter she’s #wake up, Sierra’s life is all about meaningless excess — more things you don’t need in life but none of the things you actually do, like interacting with people who wear things like flannel print.

Her father (Jack Wagner) is a luxury hotelier of the same name who has brought Sierra to the property to incorporate her into the family business as Atmosphere Vice President – a job title she admits is as real as the movie snowman.

A bacon-hating Sierra soon finds herself atop a mountain with her influential boyfriend Tad (George Young), who proposes a ring four times the size of the average person’s “I’m Sorry” ring. But before they can get back into their snowmobile, the weather takes a quick turn due to a storm and Sierra and Tad are thrown to opposite sides of the snowy peak whose dreams were about to come true.

Aliana Lohan, Lindsay Lohan and Chase Ramsey in

Tad comes and makes it his mission to get back to town, eventually finding a grizzly guide along the way.

Sierra wakes up in the hospital, and is rescued by a struggling bed and breakfast owner, played by “Glee” alum chord Overstreet, who in the role is shown to be now old enough to grow a single father’s beard.

The hospital – let’s say something about substandard rural healthcare – releases Sierra, now with nameless amnesia, to her hot dad Jake, who takes her and teaches her the lower-middle-class way. It’s like “Overboard,” except for one motherless child and a Christmas town.

You don’t need a crystal ball for the rest, nor should anyone have the delicious cheese and bacon salvage that will come later after you destroy them.

Suffice it to say, the spirit of the holidays is so running upon corrupt heiresses, mournful families and hilly town-dwellers alike, that no one seems to recognize the face of one of the richest people in their neighbourhood. But who cares?

“Fall for Christmas” is much bigger than crater holes. It’s a delightful reminder that you don’t need to lose your memory to remember how precious new beginnings are.

Lohan was in the spotlight to support the release of the movie celebrate And he is right. She endured a lot of criticism in the years before her withdrawal from celebrity life and the like Too many women who have been treated unfairly In the media do, she narrative recoveryWhether in public or on screen.

Here, Lohan wears the Sierra franchise just as alluring as she wore the mini skirt in “Mean Girls.” You smile with the familiar mischief that made you wish to be best friends with Annie and Haley in “The Parent’s Trap”. And, damn it, if she still couldn’t cook watery eyes with surprising effectiveness. It’s a formula that’s worked for Lohan since its inception and works with Hallmark holiday movies so efficiently that it’s become a popular genre.

some actors Oscar Awards Ceremony Photography, that’s great. Lohan’s magical power has always been bringing to life films with the simple goal of being unquestionable delights. If for that and that alone, “falling for Christmas” is a gift.

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