Legends Night Out in Kanpur, Tendulkar against Rhodes, fans and Beni Yusuf massacre

Before opening day In the second season of the World Road Safety Championship, the main concern of the organizers was what would be the attendance at the match. Sachin TendulkarLegends of India against Legends of South Africa, led by Jonty Rhodes.

This weekend coincided with the last days of the Ganesh festival, with immersion processions throughout Kanpur until Friday, and extended into Saturday. At times it seemed as if the entire city had descended on the roads, full of colour, loud music and processions. Members of the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association, who are responsible for various functions at Green Park on match day, can also be heard planning a visit to Lake Motigil after midnight. Given this, it appears that the official ticket partners have returned all previous online bookings and announced that they will instead have ticket counters on the ground on match day.

However, all fears were unfounded. With the teams preparing about an hour and a half before to receive the first ball, two-thirds of the stands swelled to the limit. By the time Tendulkar sprinted alongside Naman Uja to start the Indian roles, the stadium was filled to near capacity. As the Indian Tours progressed, the numbers swelled even more, and, given the credit, they endured a sweltering autumn evening and stayed on and cheered until about 11:30 at night, when Rhodes patted a cute delivery from Irfan Pathan toward extra cover to make sure his team didn’t pull off, even If it were completely outperformed.


Where there is Tendulkar, there is It must be Sudhir Gautam. The man who made being a huge fan of individual cricketers something of a cult phenomenon was in total cry, spinning the tricolor as he greeted his hero. Tendulkar could not quite meet the night, he fell once before his eventual sack, but Gautam’s enthusiasm throughout the night could not be quelled by such a minor deviation.

Then there was Sujumar Kumar, who is unrecognizable outside of his bright red Royal Challengers Bangalore winged uniform that he wears at matches at Chinnaswamy Stadium, Shikhar Dhawan-lookalike Ram Bahadur, who took a road trip from Lucknow for the match, and Pinto Lake. Behera is a contractor from Behrampur in Odisha and was a fan of cricket anyway but lost all objectivity when he saw Virat Kohli smash Lasith Malinga all over Bellerive Oval in 2012. He has since become famous as the man who tattooed Kohli all over his body – his face, some action shots and the private results of Kohli. He also got the chance to meet his idol in 2019. Although by his own admission, his favorite game that he saw first hand in the flesh was one Where Kohli scored 8. This is the fan base and this is life.


My father spent his early years, right up until his early teens, in Kanpur. In fact, the day before the first match, I managed to sneak in for a while to visit all the places where he and his brother grew up. their schools, the house in which they grew up (which is now a “Magic Institute and Research Centre”). My dad tells tales of sneaking out after jumping the dividing wall and sneaking out to play cricket or go watch matches in Green Park. In domestic and international cricket, Slim rotation He was a crowd favorite, known for his ability to hit sixes on demand.

on Saturday, Stuart Penny And the Yusuf Pathan I channeled my inner rotation to perfection. Penny will later say that the team’s talk was not beyond their aspirations, to raise the score to around 160-170 and then reevaluate. The Binny-Yusuf Association took India from 129 for 4 when Yuvraj Singh fell for 6 in 15th place. With the local DJ adding to the six-year rant (filled with a road safety song, a strange mix of upbeat tone and undertones with lyrics talking about how life and once lost moments never come back), the audience was as entertained as the duo stole 74 of the last 24 balls .

India were the younger team that night, and by far the 11th team had more international pedigree in the game, but for the fans, it was a night where objectivity and analysis could rest for another day.

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